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Anand Subramaniam

Anand Subramaniam - Sr. Performance Consultant, Wilson Learning India, works with corporate clients to design and deliver measurable human performance improvement initiatives that impact bottom line results and improve employee fulfilment.

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Anthony Pacifico

Anthony Pacifico is an organizational consultant with extensive experience in helping employees in organizations perform at the highest levels. He has direct experience with pharmaceutical industry, telecom industry, financial services industry and power equipment and robotics industry. His international experience includes conducting sessions in Germany, Rome, Madrid, Bali, Vevey (Switzerland) and Mexico for participants throughout the world. Specialties are: Sales Development and Sales Management, Negotiation Skills, Leadership Development, Project Management.

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Barb Taruscio

Barb Taruscio is a senior consultant, executive coach, client relationship manager, and facilitator for Wilson Learning Corporation. Ms. Taruscio has more than 20 years experience consulting with clients and developing and facilitating interventions to enhance employees’ performance. She has also worked one-on-one with executives, facilitating their process of setting and reaching personal and business goals, conducting strategy sessions, and facilitating group learning via the physical or virtual classroom. She contributes to the design of customized client offerings, has done extensive tailoring of courses, and has managed large-scale projects, the most significant one being a two-year nationwide training curriculum for 5,000 salespeople and sales managers. Ms. Taruscio has served on the virtual learning team, helping to lead the design and delivery of best practices. She is highly sought after for her expertise.

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Bob Lovler

Bob Lovler is responsible for all human resources practices, policies and procedures for Wilson Learning Worldwide including talent management, strategic workforce planning, executive coaching, employee selection and assessment, compensation, benefits, employee relations, organizational and employee training and development. Mr. Lovler is accountable for the development of Human Resource strategies which help Wilson Learning to attain its goals and objectives and that support its mission, vision and values.

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Carl Eidson

Carl Eidson博士,Wilson Learning业务发展和经销商网络的副总裁。他领导和辅导着一个由100多家独立分销商组成的虚拟团队,从多伦多延伸到布宜诺斯艾利斯。为了远程影响结果,他利用创新的通信技术和虚拟领导技能为销售能力发展、营销活动和以客户为中心的推广活动创建系统。他拥有工业和组织心理学博士学位,并在《应用心理学杂志》、《绩效表现》、《国际挑选与评估杂志》、《商业与心理学杂志》等学术期刊上发表过关于选拔顶尖人才的论文。他经常在专业会议上发表关于绩效改善的研究和实践的演讲。

通过阅读工作 Carl Eidson

David Yesford

David Yesford担任Wilson Learning全球高级副总裁,在制定和实施人力绩效解决方案领域拥有超过27年的经验。他为客户在战略方向和全球化视角方面带来了宝贵的经验。David曾参与销售及领导、在线学习和战略咨询领域的核心内容设计。David目前也是Wilson Learning全球执行委员会的成员。他曾担任中国和印度的总经理职务。他是多本书的特约作者,包括《双赢销售》,《灵活应变销售》,《社交风格手册》和《销售培训图书2》。David是一个活跃的全球演讲者,并在美国、欧洲、拉丁美洲和亚太地区的商业刊物发表了大量的文章。

通过阅读工作 David Yesford

Ed Emde

Ed Emde, President of Wilson Learning Corporation, is responsible for overall business strategy and operations in the Americas. Ed’s tenure at Wilson Learning Corporation includes serving as Executive Vice President where he was responsible for sales, marketing, and learning services operations for Wilson Learning Americas. Earlier in his Wilson Learning career, Ed managed business development and implementation services for key client relationships in the Midwest United States.

Ed has 25 years of experience working directly with senior level executives in linking human resources development, organizational development, training, and education initiatives to strategic imperatives and business outcomes. He has held executive and leadership positions with a number of leading training and organizational development companies, including Ninth House and serving as President and CEO of Blessing White. He has managed several successful turnarounds, as well as the acquisition, merger, and integration of several businesses. Ed is published in numerous print and online business publications, including CLO Magazine and Training Magazine.

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Frank Croswell

Frank started his career in a family owned fashion-retailing business, where he managed a chain of thirteen stores. When the business was sold to a large international company, Frank joined South Africa’s largest retail chain. While working for the group he held Senior Management positions in Manufacturing and Fashion Merchandising Divisions, before being appointed as the group’s Merchandising and Marketing Manager, responsible for the development of staff across 500 stores in South Africa. After a successful career in retailing, Frank spent 8 years’ in the Life Insurance Industry in a General Management position, with responsibility for the recruitment and development of a work force of over three thousand people.

For the past 16 years’ Frank, in his capacity as Managing Director of Wilson Learning SA, has consulted with major global companies and a wide range of South African organisations in numerous industry fields. He has facilitated programs and workshops in 37 countries. Frank specializes in linking human performance improvement to organizational strategies.

通过阅读工作 Frank Croswell

Hazel Stewart

Hazel commenced with Wilson Learning in 1996 and has progressed with the company to the role of Managing Director AU/NZ in this time. Prior to joining Wilson Learning, Hazel worked in management and marketing roles including the role of Managing Director for a company in the licensed product industry. Hazel has undertaken studies in adult education and graduate studies in career management, and is currently studying for an Masters of Business in Management.

In addition to her operational responsibilities, Hazel spends time working with large client organizations, both at a local and regional level. With a background in strategic account management, in-depth consulting, curriculum design, workplace assessment, facilitation, coaching and career counseling, Hazel is well placed to drive the AU/NZ team to deliver above and beyond our clients expectations.

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Jason Myers

Jason Myers, has served as Wilson Learning Worldwide’s Director of Global Assessment Services for more than 10 years. He oversees the development, enhancement, and implementation of Wilson Learning’s assessment products and services, and directs the launch of these products and services in collaboration with Wilson Learning’s international offices. He is responsible for monitoring the life cycle and performance of the overall Wilson Learning offering to ensure the most appropriate products and services are available to address client needs.

Jason has more than 20 years of experience consulting with corporate and government clients and designing and developing sales and leadership assessments, learning modules, and application tools. He serves as a subject matter expert for online assessments and program evaluations, and conducts quality assurance for accuracy of scoring and reporting in online profiles. He is a member of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

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Ken Valla

Ken Valla, Regional Vice President of Sales, Wilson Learning Corporation, is responsible for driving sales strategies to increase revenue, profitability, and market share in North America. With over 15 years of experience in sales and sales management, Mr. Valla has consistently produced results exceeding annual objectives. Mr. Valla specializes in the complex sale that encompasses multiple buyers at various levels, often in global accounts and typically requiring executive involvement. His experience allows him to help his clients go to market more strategically and address their unique requirements. As an experienced sales executive, he understands what is required for salespeople to succeed in today's highly complex environment.

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Keven Martin & Eugenio Grandi

Roy Calvert, Brian Durkin, Eugenio Grandi与Kevin Martin于1985年携手创办了Quarto. Quarto是一个组织发展与培训咨询机构,帮助客户组织在日益复杂和快速变革时期更加高效地运营。


通过阅读工作 Keven Martin & Eugenio Grandi

Leon Thompson

Leon has been a marketing specialist at Wilson Learning since 2010. In a B2B market, he creates marketing campaigns aimed at expanding existing business via: E-mail marketing; Social Media; Brand Development; Trade Shows; and Collateral and sales presentations.

Before that, he spent many years at HomeStyles marketing home plans.

通过阅读工作 Leon Thompson

Michael Leimbach

Michael Leimbach博士,担任Wilson Learning全球研究和设计副总裁。Leimbach博士拥有超过25年的专业经验,带领团队进行诊断、学习和绩效提升等方面的研究和设计。他曾带领研究销售、领导力和组织有效性;并制定了Wilson Learning的影响力评估和投资回报模型。Leimbach博士曾为多家全球公司担任研究顾问,曾在ADHR专业杂志担任主辑,并曾在ISO技术委员会TC232担任领导角色 — 制定学习服务供应商的标准。他有四本合著书籍并发表了大量的专业文章,也经常在美国和全球会议中发表演讲。

通过阅读工作 Michael Leimbach

Nancy Frevert

Nancy Frevert, MBA, Wilson Learning Worldwide 解决方案发展总监。在过去的15年里,Frevert女士带领团队为客户和Wilson Learning品牌产品创建解决方案。她管理并致力于多种全球客户发展计划。负责Wilson Learning在销售、领导力和个人有效性等方面的开发工作。Frevert女士对Wilson Learning的学习迁移方法的发展起到了至关重要的作用。

通过阅读工作 Nancy Frevert

Peter Bailey

Peter Bailey负责为Wilson Learning的客户设计和开发客制化的项目。培训项目包括设计和开发有关销售、客户服务、领导力和个人有效性项目的学员手册和讲师手册。他目前专注于设计和实施跨文化沟通策略,以此为客户组织建立全球化意识、实现全球化的业务目标。他曾在亚洲,非洲和欧洲的30多个国家旅行以及工作。

Bailey先生开发了Wilson Learning的灯塔辅导模型,帮助领导者通过使用相应工具作出态度和行为的转变。他参与设计和开发了“与客户共赢” — 惠普的四部在线系列课程,以及在全球四大地区为客户培训内部培训师。

通过阅读工作 Peter Bailey

Peter Krammer

Peter Krammer is Managing Partner of Okos Partners LLC, a Wilson Learning Agent for more than 30 years.

For more information, visit www.okospartners.com.

通过阅读工作 Peter Krammer

Scott Wesley

Dr. Scott Wesley brings 20 years of consulting experience in designing and implementing complex assessment and testing solutions with domestic and international clients. He has extensive background in test development, competency modeling and job analysis, multi-rater assessments, training needs analysis, customer and employee engagement surveys, interviews, assessment centers, training evaluation, feedback systems, and coaching. In addition to his expertise, Dr. Wesley is a detail-oriented project manager with a superior work ethic, and has achieved high levels of customer satisfaction, retention, and growth in his career. In addition, he has distinguished himself among his peers with several company awards for innovation, initiative, outstanding contribution, and teamwork.

通过阅读工作 Scott Wesley

Stephen Melchior

Stephan is Managing Director of Wilson Learning UAE in Dubai. Prior to Wilson Learning, Stephan worked in large multinational companies in the fields of Marketing and Training and helped successfully globalize in European and African/Middle Eastern markets. As a senior in-house trainer, Stephan has worked with sales people and management carrying out performance and skills assessments to determine the individual training needs of the organization. Stephan has conducted numerous training programs across various industries over the past 10 years’ in over 20 countries around the world. His specialty lies in the area of sales and leadership effectiveness and he’s currently working on his accreditation as Dubai’s first “Certified Performance Technologist (CPT)” by the International Society for Performance Improvement. Stephan is also a Master Instructor Trainer.

通过阅读工作 Stephen Melchior

Tom Roth

Tom Roth担任Wilson Learning全球首席运营官。他负责Wilson Learning全球战略发展方向和经营业绩的运营,并带领全球的市场服务团队和研发解决方案团队。同时,他还曾担任Wilson Learning美洲区的总裁。他协助全球管理团队解决员工敬业度、领导力发展、战略调整和业务转型方面的相关问题。


通过阅读工作 Tom Roth

Wendy Mack

Wendy Mack served as Director of Consulting Services for Wilson Learning Corporation. Wendy led the team that is responsible for diagnosing client needs and designing comprehensive solutions that result in sustained behavior change and performance improvement. Wendy’s work blended her expertise in learning and development with her extensive knowledge of human performance technology, change management, and communication. She was a popular speaker at national conferences and client events and has coauthored three books on the topics of learning, leadership, and change.

通过阅读工作 Wendy Mack