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Anand Subramaniam

Anand Subramaniam - Sr. Performance Consultant, Wilson Learning India, works with corporate clients to design and deliver measurable human performance improvement initiatives that impact bottom line results and improve employee fulfilment.

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Anthony Pacifico

Anthony Pacifico is an organisational consultant with extensive experience in helping employees in organisations perform at the highest levels. He has direct experience with pharmaceutical industry, telecom industry, financial services industry and power equipment and robotics industry. His international experience includes conducting sessions in Germany, Rome, Madrid, Bali, Vevey (Switzerland) and Mexico for participants throughout the world. His specialities are: Sales Development and Sales Management, Negotiation Skills, Leadership Development and Project Management.

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Barb Taruscio

Barb Taruscio is a senior consultant, executive coach, client relationship manager and facilitator for Wilson Learning Corporation. Ms. Taruscio has more than 20 years experience consulting with clients and developing and facilitating interventions to enhance employees’ performance. She has also worked one-on-one with executives, facilitating their process of setting and reaching personal and business goals, conducting strategy sessions and facilitating group learning via the physical, or virtual, classroom. She contributes to the design of customised client offerings, has carried out extensive tailoring of courses and has managed large-scale projects, the most significant being a two-year nationwide training curriculum for 5,000 salespeople and sales managers. Ms. Taruscio has served on the virtual learning team, helping to lead the design and delivery of best practises. She is highly sought after for her expertise.

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Bob Lovler

Bob Lovler is responsible for all human resources practice, policies and procedures for Wilson Learning Worldwide including talent management, strategic workforce planning, executive coaching, employee selection and assessment, compensation, benefits, employee relations, organisational and employee training and development. Mr. Lovler is accountable for the development of Human Resource strategies which help Wilson Learning to attain its goals and objectives and that support its mission, vision and values.

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Carl Eidson

Carl Eidson, Ph. D., est vice-président du Développement commercial pour Wilson Learning Corporation. Le Dr Eidson dirige et entraîne une équipe virtuelle de plus de 100 distributeurs indépendants implantés de Toronto à Bogota, et travaille de manière extensive avec les clients. Il a écrit et contribué à des articles publiés dans des revues académiques et industrielles, sur la sélection des meilleurs talents,le leadership, les ventes, les équipes virtuelles et l'engagement des employés. Dr. Eidson intervient régulièrement lors de conférences professionnelles sur les thèmes du transfert des connaissances, ainsi que de l'étude et des pratiques d'amélioration de la performance humaine.

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David Yesford

David Yesford est Vice-Président de Wilson Learning Worldwide. Fort de plus de 30 ans d'expérience dans le développement et la mise en oeuvre dans le monde entier de solutions visant à améliorer la performance humaine, M. Yesford apporte à son travail une expertise précieuse, une orientation stratégique et une perspective globale. Il a occupé au sein de Wilson Learning des postes stratégiques dans les domaines clés de la vente et du leadership, ainsi que de l'e-learning et du conseil stratégique.

M. Yesford a contribué à l'écriture de plusieurs livres et a été publié dans diverses revues commerciales à travers le monde. Il intervient régulièrement lors d'événements internationaux sur les sujets de la vente, du leadership, de l'engagement des employés et des clients, de la marque et de la mise en oeuvre de stratégies.

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Ed Emde

Ed Emde, est le président de Wilson Learning Corporation. Il est responsable de l’ensemble de la stratégies business et des opérations pour les Amériques. Ces fonctions sont aussi être Vice Président exécutif de Wilson Learning Amériques et de gérer le développement business et mise en place de services. Il a plus de 25 ans d’expérience de collaboration avec des niveaux élevés d’exécutifs dans le domaine du développement des Ressources Humaines, développement organisationnel, formation et initiatives de formation avec pour objectifs des impératifs stratégiques et résultats opérationnels.

Il a dirigé plusieurs entreprises reconnues dans la formation et le développement organisationnel. Il est publié dans de nombreuses revues et sur internet.

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Frank Croswell

Frank started his career in a family owned fashion-retailing business, where he managed a chain of thirteen stores. When the business was sold to a large international company, Frank joined South Africa’s largest retail chain. While working for the group he held Senior Management positions in Manufacturing and Fashion Merchandising Divisions, before being appointed as the group’s Merchandising and Marketing Manager, responsible for the development of staff across 500 stores in South Africa. After a successful career in retailing, Frank spent 8 years’ in the Life Insurance Industry in a General Management position, with responsibility for the recruitment and development of a work force of over three thousand people.

For the past 16 years’ Frank, in his capacity as Managing Director of Wilson Learning SA, has consulted with major global companies and a wide range of South African organisations in numerous industry fields. He has facilitated programs and workshops in 37 countries. Frank specialises in linking human performance improvement to organisational strategies.

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Hazel Stewart

Hazel commenced with Wilson Learning in 1996 and has progressed with the company to the role of Managing Director AU/NZ in this time. Prior to joining Wilson Learning, Hazel worked in management and marketing roles including the role of Managing Director for a company in the licensed product industry. Hazel has undertaken studies in adult education and graduate studies in career management. She is currently studying for an Masters of Business in Management.

In addition to her operational responsibilities, Hazel spends time working with large client organisations, both at a local and regional level. With a background in strategic account management, in-depth consulting, curriculum design, workplace assessment, facilitation, coaching and career counselling, Hazel is well placed to drive the AU/NZ team to deliver above and beyond our clients expectations.

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Jason Myers

Jason Myers, has served as Wilson Learning Worldwide’s Director of Global Assessment Services for more than 10 years. He oversees the development, enhancement, and implementation of Wilson Learning’s assessment products and services, and directs the launch of these products and services in collaboration with Wilson Learning’s international offices. He is responsible for monitoring the life cycle and performance of the overall Wilson Learning offering to ensure the most appropriate products and services are available to address client needs.

Jason has more than 20 years of experience consulting with corporate and government clients and designing and developing sales and leadership assessments, learning modules, and application tools. He serves as a subject matter expert for online assessments and program evaluations, and conducts quality assurance for accuracy of scoring and reporting in online profiles. He is a member of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

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Ken Valla

Ken Valla, Regional Vice President of Sales, Wilson Learning Corporation, is responsible for driving sales strategies to increase revenue, profitability and market share in North America. With over 15 years of experience in sales and sales management, Mr. Valla has consistently produced results exceeding annual objectives. Mr. Valla specialises in the complex sale that encompasses multiple buyers at various levels, often in global accounts and typically requiring executive involvement. His experience allows him to help his clients go to market more strategically and address their unique requirements. As an experienced sales executive, he understands what is required for salespeople to succeed in today's highly complex environment.

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Keven Martin & Eugenio Grandi

Roy Calvert, Brian Durkin, Eugenio Grandi and Kevin Martin came together in 1985 as founding partners of Quarto. Quarto is an organisation development and training consultancy that helps client organisations operate more effectively in times of increasing complexity and rapid change.

More about Quarto Consulting

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Leon Thompson

Leon has been a marketing specialist at Wilson Learning since 2010. In a B2B market, he creates marketing campaigns aimed at expanding existing business via: E-mail marketing; Social Media; Brand Development; Trade Shows; Collateral and sales presentations.

Before that, he spent many years at HomeStyles marketing home plans.

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Michael Leimbach

Michael Leimbach, Ph.D., est Vice President of Global Research and Design chez Wilson Learning Worldwide. Avec plus de 25 ans d’expérience à son actif, Dr. Leimbach dirige la recherche et la conception des outils de diagnostic, d’apprentissage et d’amélioration de la performance de Wilson Learning. Dr. Leimbach a effectué des travaux de recherche importants dans les domaines de la vente, du leadership et de l’efficacité organisationnelle, et a développé les modèles de retour sur investissement et d’évaluation d’impact. Dr. Leimbach a également agi en tant que consultant auprès de nombreuses organisations clientes internationales, est membre du comité de rédaction de la revue professionnelle ADHR, et occupe un rôle de leadership au sein du comité technique ISO TC232: Standards for Learning Service Providers. Dr. Leimbach est co-auteur de quatre ouvrages, a publié de nombreux articles professionnels et intervient fréquemment lors de conférences nationales et internationales.

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Nancy Frevert

Nancy Frevert, Masters International Management, est Director of Solution Development chez Wilson Learning Worldwide. Pendant plus de 15 ans, Mme Frevert a dirigé la création de solutions destinées à la fois aux programmes clients et aux produits Wilson Learning. Elle a dirigé et contribué à de nombreux projets de prospection de clientèle à l’échelle mondiale. Elle est à la tête des efforts de développement en matière de vente, de leadership et d’efficacité individuelle au sein de Wilson Learning. Mme Frevert a joué un rôle essentiel dans le développement de l’approche de Wilson Learning en matière de transfert d’apprentissage.

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Peter Bailey

Peter Bailey is responsible for the design and development of customised projects and programs for clients. Training projects include the design and development of participant and leader guides for sales, customer service, leadership and personal effectiveness programs. He is currently focusing on designing and facilitating cross-cultural communication strategies for leveraging a global mindset as a key element in organisations achieving their worldwide business objectives. He has travelled and worked in over 30 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Peter created and developed Wilson Learning's Lighthouse Coaching program, equipping managers with relational tools to deliver concise and compassionate on-the-spot or long-term coaching for attitudinal and behavioural change. He co-designed and developed "Winning with Customers," a four part Web-based series for Hewlett-Packard, and master-trained internal client trainers in four global regions.

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Peter Krammer

Peter Krammer is Managing Partner of Okos Partners LLC, a Wilson Learning Agent for more than 30 years.

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Scott Wesley

Dr. Scott Wesley brings 20 years of consulting experience in designing and implementing complex assessment and testing solutions with domestic and international clients. He has extensive background in test development, competency modelling and job analysis, multi-rater assessments, training needs analysis, customer and employee engagement surveys, interviews, assessment centres, training evaluation, feedback systems and coaching. In addition to his expertise, Dr. Wesley is a detail-oriented project manager with a superior work ethic, and has achieved high levels of customer satisfaction, retention and growth in his career. In addition, he has distinguished himself among his peers with several company awards for innovation, initiative, outstanding contribution and teamwork.

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Stephen Melchior

Stephan is Managing Director of Wilson Learning UAE in Dubai. Prior to Wilson Learning, Stephan worked in large multinational companies in the fields of Marketing and Training and helped successfully globalise in European and African/Middle Eastern markets. As a senior in-house trainer, Stephan has worked with sales people and management carrying out performance and skills assessments to determine the individual training needs of the organisation. Stephan has conducted numerous training programs across various industries over the past 10 years’ in over 20 countries around the world. His speciality lies in the area of sales and leadership effectiveness and he’s currently working on his accreditation as Dubai’s first “Certified Performance Technologist (CPT)” by the International Society for Performance Improvement. Stephan is also a Master Instructor Trainer.

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Tom Roth

Tom Roth possède plus de 40 ans d’expérience dans le développement et la mise en œuvre de solutions d’amélioration de la performance humaine. Il est responsable de l’orientation stratégique et de la performance économique des activités de Wilson Learning Worldwide. Il dirige les services marketing monde et le groupe de solutions R & D. Il apporte son expertise à des équipes dirigeantes sur des problématiques liées à l’engagement des salariés, au développement du leadership, à l’implication stratégique et à la transformation des entreprises. Avant d’occuper son poste actuel, Mr. Roth était Président du département R & D et du développement du groupe et occupait le poste de PDG de Wilson Learning Amériques.

Mr Roth possède une forte expérience dans le développement et la mise en œuvre de solutions d’amélioration de la performance humaine. Il est le co-auteur de plusieurs livres tels que Unplugged: How Organizations Lose Their Energy and How to Get It Back (Déconnectées : Comment les entreprises perdent leur faculté à croitre et comment la retrouver) et Creating the High-Performance Team (Créer une équipe Haute Performance). Mr Roth est publié dans de nombreuses publications professionnelles. Intervenant régulier lors de conférences et d’événements clients nationaux et internationaux, il aborde un grand nombre de sujets, dont le leadership, l’engagement des salariés et des clients, le changement et la mise en œuvre de stratégies.

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Wendy Mack

Wendy Mack est la Directrice du Service Conseil pour Wilson Learning Corporation. Ms. Mack dirige l’équipe qui identifie les besoins clients et élabore les solutions globales pour obtenir des changements notables de comportements et de performance. Son travail allie son expertise en formation et développement des compétences et sa vaste connaissance des techniques de performance humaine, management du changement et communication. Elle a plus de 20 ans d’expérience dans les domaines de développement individuel et organisationnel et a co-écrit 3 livres sur le thème de la formation, leadership et changement. Miss Mack est une oratrice appréciée durant les conférences et évènements client.

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