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What's the Payoff for Investing in Your Sales Managers?

(Mars 15, 2010)

Recently we took a detailed look at how sales managers can impact the results of sales training. We expected to see an effect, but were surprised ourselves to see how much difference sales manager involvement makes. If managers are on board with the initiative and know how to coach, their involvement can increase the impact of training by as much as 24%.

So then we asked ourselves this question: Why is so much training budget spent on developing salespeople and so few spent on the development of their managers? Is it because sales executives:

  • Don’t know the impact that managers can have?
  • Are overly optimistic about their managers’ skills?
  • Believe salesperson training shouldn’t need manager support?
  • Don’t think managers will coach their salespeople anyway?
  • Don’t see value in spending money on manager training?

When I hear this last point I am reminded of the phrase, “penny-wise and pound-foolish.” If manager involvement can increase the impact of sales training by 24% or more, doesn’t it make financial sense to invest in the development of sales managers’ skills?

To help our clients see the payoff they could expect from an investment in their sales managers’ development, we created this little ROI Calculator. Click here to access.

Give it a try and tell us what you think:

  • Why does (or doesn’t) your organisation invest in sales manager training to support salesperson training?
  • If you do invest in sales manager development, what has been the impact on your organisation? Does the ROI Calculator describe the kinds of outcomes you receive?
  • If you aren’t currently investing in sales manager training, what impact has that decision had?
  • What barriers get in the way of training and developing sales managers?
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Michael Leimbach

Michael Leimbach

Michael Leimbach, Ph.D., est Vice President of Global Research and Design chez Wilson Learning Worldwide. Avec plus de 25 ans d’expérience à son actif, Dr. Leimbach dirige la recherche et la conception des outils de diagnostic, d’apprentissage et d’amélioration de la performance de Wilson Learning. Dr. Leimbach a effectué des travaux de recherche importants dans les domaines de la vente, du leadership et de l’efficacité organisationnelle, et a développé les modèles de retour sur investissement et d’évaluation d’impact. Dr. Leimbach a également agi en tant que consultant auprès de nombreuses organisations clientes internationales, est membre du comité de rédaction de la revue professionnelle ADHR, et occupe un rôle de leadership au sein du comité technique ISO TC232: Standards for Learning Service Providers. Dr. Leimbach est co-auteur de quatre ouvrages, a publié de nombreux articles professionnels et intervient fréquemment lors de conférences nationales et internationales.

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