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If You Want Business Results from Learning, Get Managers Involved

(Septembre 8, 2009)

This past June we surveyed professionals attending the ASTD International Conference about what they are doing to make sure learning transfers to the job. As people began to fill out the survey, we kept hearing a common question: “Should we fill this out based on what we know we should be doing or based on what we are doing now?”

As it turns out, most of them are not currently doing certain things they know are important—especially when it comes to getting managers to follow up and reinforce learning on the job. Despite research that shows manager involvement is critical, only 29% of our respondents said their managers were “well prepared to coach and support new skills.”

Why not?? Most managers will tell you they want to develop their people and they want better results from investments in learning. But when you think about it, with all the demands on today’s managers, it’s not surprising that they are reluctant to participate in time-consuming activities for which they feel unprepared and which seem disconnected from their most urgent priorities. When that’s the case, you are just not going to get their mind-share and commitment.

If you want managers to coach, support and reinforce learning on the job, here are a couple of simple guidelines:

  • Make sure managers are informed and clear about the content and business impact of the learning. How will it help them achieve their business goals?
  • Provide them with tips and tools that make coaching and support easy. (A customised coaching checklist on new skills or behaviours might be an example.)

In working with our clients to improve business results from learning, we have found that we can enhance the quantity and quality of manager involvement by making it easier and more efficient for them to play their part. We have automated much of the process to enable delivery of crucial information and tools to managers in the right format and at just the right time to make it easy for them to fulfil their role, while reducing the administrative burden for training and development staff.

So, what are you doing in your organisation to ensure learning transfer? Have you encountered challenges in getting managers to commit to coaching and follow-up? What have you done to get them involved? Let us hear your comments and ideas.

About the Author
Ed Emde

Ed Emde

Ed Emde, est le président de Wilson Learning Corporation. Il est responsable de l’ensemble de la stratégies business et des opérations pour les Amériques. Ces fonctions sont aussi être Vice Président exécutif de Wilson Learning Amériques et de gérer le développement business et mise en place de services. Il a plus de 25 ans d’expérience de collaboration avec des niveaux élevés d’exécutifs dans le domaine du développement des Ressources Humaines, développement organisationnel, formation et initiatives de formation avec pour objectifs des impératifs stratégiques et résultats opérationnels.

Il a dirigé plusieurs entreprises reconnues dans la formation et le développement organisationnel. Il est publié dans de nombreuses revues et sur internet.

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