Wilson Learning Releases Effectiveness Insights 360


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Wilson Learning Worldwide Inc. Releases Effectiveness Insights 360: Leaders on New Measurement Platform

Minneapolis, Minn, USA - 2020年12月3日 - Wilson Learning Worldwide Inc., a global leader in human performance improvement solutions, announced today the launch of its new innovative 360-degree capability Effectiveness Insights 360: Leaders, implemented globally on its new measurement platform powered by strategic partner Profiling Online.

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“Every year since 2010, Wilson Learning has been named a Training Industry Top 20 Leadership Training Company. Considering that Profiling Online is a Training Industry Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation Company, it made sense to leverage the two award-winning capabilities,” says David Yesford, Sr. Vice President, Wilson Learning Worldwide Inc. “We needed a new platform on which to deliver our newest innovation in 360-degree evaluations. With Profiling Online’s customizable interface and robust reporting capabilities, we are able to provide clear, actionable data for leaders to understand how the most important people with whom they interact view their leadership skills.”

An organization’s ability to thrive in today’s challenging times is largely determined by the quality and effectiveness of its leadership. Wilson Learning defines effectiveness as the combination of a leader’s skill at performing the behaviors necessary for successful performance on the job and how appropriately they use that skill when the situation calls for it. Effectiveness Insights 360: Leaders is based on Wilson Learning’s comprehensive Integrated Leadership Model, providing the information needed to not only assess a leader’s effectiveness but also offer the insights necessary to guide leadership development investments.

“As our industry continues to face changes due to all that is happening in the world today, we are very active in enhancing our technology to provide further advantages to our customers, helping them execute the human side of their business strategy,” says Tom Roth, Chief Operating Officer of Wilson Learning Worldwide Inc. “Last month, we announced that our flagship sales program, The Counselor Salesperson™, is now available on our award-winning Learning Experience Platform. This strategic partnership is yet another innovative performance improvement component.”

To learn more, contact Wilson Learning at www.WilsonLearning.com or 800.328.7937.