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Une grande entreprise de services financiers améliore le service-clients dans son centre d’appels, en économisant 19,5 millions € par an

Major Financial Services Company Improves Call Center Customer Experience, Saving $13 Million USD a Year

Business Issue:

A major financial services company wished to manage and improve the customer experience in the call center, seeking to turn dissatisfied customers into satisfied and loyal customers. They also sought to maintain and grow their client base and, as a result, increase revenue by 30%.


To ensure the solution met their unique issues and the environment of the call center, Wilson Learning worked closely with the company to customize our Signature Service programme with the language, process, and skills to make it immediately relevant and applicable to all who participated. This highly interactive learning initiative redefined customer service as a critical role in the business. The programme provided the support and tools for maintaining a positive professional attitude despite pressure and stress, and equipped the participants with the skills to convert irate or insistent customers to a state of satisfaction.


Due to a marked improvement in converting irate customers to satisfied customers, the company estimated a reduction in the potential loss of over $13 million USD a year in cancelled policies. The company also saw associates' level of confidence rise significantly.

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