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Aligning your sales process to the new customer buying process

Today, customers have more control of the buying process.

  • Customers have multiple resources to identify, screen, and select suppliers without contacting them.
  • Customers often reject sellers before the sellers even know they have been screened out.

This is a significant change in how buyers buy and requires an equally significant change in how sellers sell.

Traditional Sales Process Approach   New Buyer-Driven Approach
  • The sales process was driven by the seller.
  • Today, the buyer is in charge of the sale.
  • Salespeople prospected and identified needs.
  • The buyer identifies potential suppliers and researches options on their own.
  • Salespeople proposed solutions and closed the sale.
  • The buyer defines criteria and finds who best matches these criteria.
  • Salespeople found key decision makers and sold to them.
  • Buying committees and procurement departments are part of the buying process.