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Sales Development

Building a World-Class Sales Organisation

The majority of salespeople are performing at their best. Watch our video to see how to get better results with our world-class sales training solutions.

How's your sales team been performing lately?

At Wilson Learning we ask this question everyday. In fact, we’ve studied it. Here’s what we’ve found: 80% to 90% of Executives in a buying position —your customers— believe salespeople don’t know how to show business value. Even when their sales people win the sale, 62% of sales executives believe their reps are they’re leaving money on the table.

If this concerns you we can help you change the way your team sells.

How can you help us get better results?

Wilson Learning is a leader in developing sales organisations around the globe.

We work with companies just like yours to get tangible game-changing results. Over and over again.

Like a global Software Provider that boosted sales by 21% after its salespeople learned how to create better solutions targeted to clients’ business needs.

And a global Chemical Company that realised £2.5 million in major account sales after integrating sales training with manager training and coaching.

Our primary goal is to help you improve performance. Our customers can attest to that.

So, how do you improve a sales organisation?

Wilson Learning addresses the issues facing your industry, and your channels. We zero in on your gaps and growth goals. That’s what makes us a great partner.

Our work goes far beyond a quick fix.
- We help you develop a common process and language throughout the organisation.
- We use a systems approach – that promotes manager involvement, cultivates a coaching environment, and builds a unified team.

It’s about helping you manage a price increase, stave off a threat of a competitor, and grow revenue and margins.

What makes you different?

We listen. We help you uncover issues and opportunities.

We draw from an extensive library of proven content that solves your challenges and drives growth. Our team of global consultants, facilitators, and project managers are recognised for their responsiveness. They become an extension of your team committed to your goals.

Tell me more, how do you do this?

Proven Content + Latest Technology
Wilson Learning combines the right content with the latest technology to meet your unique situation.

This proven content covers key strategic selling skills and behaviours for all levels.
* Consultative Selling
* Executive Calling
* Account and Opportunity Management
* Competitive Strategy
* Prospecting and Territory Management
* Managing Sales Performance

The technology includes the latest advances in mobile and virtual training.
* Mobile Apps
* Mini-Modules
* Podcasts
* Manager Tips
* Online Planners

All designed to support your sales people and managers in the moment they need assistance.

How do you help us sustain this kind of change?

We believe learning is a use it or lose it proposition. It can only be sustained using a strategic approach focused on measurable results. Our best practises ensure learning occurs, gets reinforced, and used.

As one client put it: “Other companies offer a 2-day training class. You offer a 9-month culture transformation with measurable behaviour change and a lot of ongoing support and reinforcement for participants and their managers.”

What’s next?
Get started on improving your sales teams’ performance today. Contact Wilson Learning.

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