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Driving Performance Management

The leader's role is to ensure maximum performance through aligning, developing, guiding and engaging employees with strategic objectives and priorities. An effective performance management system begins with an effective goal-setting process, followed by regular feedback, coaching and reviews. It also identifies employees' development needs, including measurement and recognition practises. Performance management should encourage collaboration, teamwork and communication. The following programmes are critical for managers to successfully manage the performances of their work units, departments and divisions.


Coaching for Performance

Leading for Performance: Coaching for Performance offers first-line and mid-level managers coaching skills and techniques to create the conditions under which employees can succeed. This programme will enable organisations to gain a competitive advantage using an effective, structural coaching approach that taps employees' potential and leads to improved performance and fulfilment. Узнать больше

Motivating for Results

Leading for Performance: Motivating for Results helps managers learn how to influence motivation. When motivation is a factor, managers need to instill confidence that efforts will lead to success, that success is worth having and that the effort will result in something that is of value to employees. Узнать больше

Reviewing Performance

In Leading for Performance: Reviewing Performance participants examine performance review processes, learn best practices for conducting reviews, discuss guidelines for rating performance and common rating errors and practice proven techniques to prepare, write and conduct effective performance reviews. Узнать больше

Setting Goals for Success

In Leading for Performance: Setting Goals for Success, participants examine the characteristics of effective goals, the need for goals to address both performance and fulfilment, best practices for linking goals to strategy execution and proven goal-setting processes. Узнать больше