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Driving Results

Wilson Learning is committed to driving results. Watch our video to find out how we maximise results with our learning and development programmes and services.

Why Wilson Learning

As our name implies, everything we do is about learning. For more than 45 years, Wilson Learning has been teaching organisations around the globe how to drive productivity, solve problems and leverage opportunities.

We do this by developing your leaders, your workforce and your sales people.

Our unique blend of content combined with state-of-the-art delivery technology and implementation expertise ensures sustainable results.

We offer a full range of solutions – from completely custom-developed to off-the-shelf content.

We blend this content with yours, and third-party subject matter expertise, as your needs require. This flexibility reinforces and sustains learning for maximum performance results.

For example, at one of the world’s largest advertising and media services conglomerates, senior executives launched an aggressive growth strategy that depended on developing 500 managers around the world. Wilson Learning leveraged our extensive programs and services to help the managers communicate and collaborate with each other, and to coach and inspire their workforce across the global organisation.

As a result, the managers saw as much as 87% improvement in key behaviours, helping them successfully drive the company’s growth strategy.

Traditional Approach
In the past, the traditional approach to learning has been focused on an event... Seminar or workshop. Research shows this approach less than 35% of the skills learned are retaining after 12 months.

Wilson Learning's Approach
Today, Wilson Learning shifts the focus to extend learning over time. This includes a full range of integrated elements that lead to long-lasting, sustainable change.

How does Wilson Learning extend learning and make sustainable change happen? We offer an extensive portfolio of learning services.

And, we combine these services leveraging the latest technology with a library of proven content. ...From Leadership capabilities, to team building to communication, versatility and conflict management. This winning combination is what drives change.

Wilson Learning blends a wealth of resources and experience to create high-impact, performance-driven solutions for your organisation. Our customers can attest to the success of our approach.

“I’ve never had a vendor work harder to deliver exceptional value aligned with our business needs.”

What’s next?
Get started improving performance and driving productivity. Contact Wilson Learning today.

Employee Engagement:
The Leader's Role

At Wilson Learning we believe your leaders need to proactively take responsibility for shaping a culture. Successful leaders focus on creating a culture of engagement in which employees choose to be engaged.

>>> Learn how your leaders can engage their employees.