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Sales Support Consulting Skills

Many individuals outside of the sales function are critical to supporting customers and to the success of sales efforts. Whether technical experts, service technicians or project managers, consultative skills are vital. They must uncover the client's real needs and interests; build strong, trusting relationships with external or internal clients; present recommendations, facilitate decision making and support client satisfaction with the accepted recommendation. They need to be an extension of sales, supporting solution development throughout the implementation and support process.


The Consultative Process

The Consultative Process introduces a problem-solving mindset and presents an effective process for consulting with both internal and external clients. It helps technical professionals become comfortable in their role as consultants. It also helps them generate greater alignment and commitment with clients by using a win-win problem-solving approach. Узнать больше

Consulting with Clients

Consulting skills are as important as technological proficiency in today's environment. Consulting with Clients is an intermediate level workshop designed to enable consultants to bring business value to their internal or external clients. Participants will learn how to align solutions to address business priorities and processes and, as a result, achieve increased revenue and customer loyalty. Узнать больше

Negotiating to Yes

Negotiating to Yes helps salespeople become better negotiators by turning face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem solving. It is based on the concept of Principled Negotiation, a method that offers salespeople an efficient process for reaching optimal business agreements that are satisfying to both parties and actually strengthen professional relationships. Узнать больше

Signature Service: The Key to Customer Satisfaction™

Signature Service is a practical, results-oriented programme that helps service providers at all levels develop and apply the skills necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. Signature Service recognises four distinct customer conditions and provides specific approaches for successfully responding to each one. Service providers learn how to bring customers to a satisfied level, then confirm customer satisfaction. Узнать больше

The Versatile Salesperson™

The Versatile Salesperson is built around the four-quadrant Social Styles matrix. Participants are profiled for their perceived Social Style and interpersonal versatility level, then learn how to identify others' Social Styles and temporarily adjust their own to communicate more easily and effectively with others. Узнать больше