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Balancing the Consultant and Strategist roles

Your sales force is your most powerful source of sustained competitive advantage, offering customers value your competitors can't match. With Wilson Learning's unique approach to sales effectiveness, every member of your team can acquire the competence and confidence to be both a business consultant to the customer and a strategist, who consistently wins profitable deals for your organisation.

Salesperson as Business Consultant
The business consultant serves as a source of competitive advantage to the customer. He or she facilitates your organisation’s response to solve the customer’s business problems by promoting the customer’s business objectives, providing innovative ideas and solutions, and challenging the customer to think differently.

Salesperson as Strategist
A source of advantage to his or her own organisation, the business strategist identifies and selects high-yield opportunities and demonstrates business value to the most influential people in an account, all while managing the competition in a way that benefits the customer. The strategist manages communications regarding value, the business case, financial implications and technological impact.

Personal Effectiveness
The individual's capacity to draw on his or her personal powers of success - handle stress, assess risks, develop relationships, manage conflict, deal with complexity, generate creative solutions and provide leadership.

Technical Effectiveness
More than just product-specific knowledge; it includes a range of strategic knowledge and business acumen. A salesperson with technical effectiveness is proficient in product knowledge, applications, business processes, financial conditions, and other functional factors that affect the purchase, use, and integration of products or services.

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