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Sales Approach

Solutions for Peak Sales Performance

The buying landscape has changed, and salespeople must change the way they approach it. Today's customers...

  • Find and screen providers before providers even know there is a need.
  • Expect salespeople to already know about their business, industry and market.
  • Demand that the salesperson justify the purchase in terms meaningful to the customer.

To be successful in this environment, salespeople must become experts in their customers' businesses, function as problem solvers and think more about the customer's buying process and less about their own sales process.

Through our experience and research, we've identified three key elements to selling effectively in today's marketplace:

  1. Aligning your sales process to the new customer buying process
  2. Balancing the Consultant and Strategist roles
  3. Ensuring sales managers drive performance
Consultant-Strategist Model
Consultant-Strategist Model
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On average, salespeople with high levels of consultant and strategist skills have 32% higher revenue performance than salespeople without these skills.