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Comprehensive List of Sales Programmes

Wilson Learning's suite of sales development solutions offers opportunities for growth and continuous learning for salespeople, sales support team members and sales leaders at every level of experience.


Aligning with Customer Buying Behaviours

Aligning with Customer Buying Behaviours helps high-performing salespeople understand the customer's buying process. Participants learn how to look beyond their own selling priorities and adapt their offering to meet the customer's buying priorities—fitting into the customer's business and buying processes versus requiring the customer to adapt. Узнать больше

Coaching for Sales Performance

Leading for Performance: Coaching for Sales Performance offers sales managers coaching skills and techniques to create the conditions under which salespeople can succeed. This programme will enable sales managers to gain a competitive advantage using an effective structured coaching approach that taps their salespeople's potential and leads to improved performance and fulfilment. Узнать больше

Coaching the Counsellor Salesperson

The sales manager’s ability to develop and coach their people has a significant impact on sales team results. Learn how to reinforce skill usage of The Counsellor Salesperson (CSP) with the programme Coaching the Counsellor Salesperson. Your sales managers will learn the ABC's of coaching, how to overcome the challenge of coaching, and receive a playbook to help coach sales representatives of all skill levels. Узнать больше

Conducting Strategic Business Calls: Discovering Critical Success Factors

Conducting Strategic Business Calls: Discovering Critical Success Factors addresses the foundational skills of consultative selling. Understanding those few areas that are critical for business success is first and foremost. Sales professionals learn how to uncover customers' critical success factors and how to adapt, create and position the business value of their offering to meet these requirements. Узнать больше

The Consultative Process

The Consultative Process introduces a problem-solving mindset and presents an effective process for consulting with both internal and external clients. It helps technical professionals become comfortable in their role as consultants. It also helps them generate greater alignment and commitment with clients by using a win-win problem-solving approach. Узнать больше

Consulting with Clients

Consulting skills are as important as technological proficiency in today's environment. Consulting with Clients is an intermediate level workshop designed to enable consultants to bring business value to their internal or external clients. Participants will learn how to align solutions to address business priorities and processes and, as a result, achieve increased revenue and customer loyalty. Узнать больше

Counsellor Prospecting

When competition is stiff, sales professionals cannot waste time aimlessly searching for new prospects. Instead, they have to be on target right from the start, quickly and efficiently finding the people and organisations that qualify as likely customers. A salesperson who is able to properly prospect will make the difference between winning and losing business. Узнать больше

The Counsellor Salesperson™

The Counsellor Salesperson uses a four-step consultative selling process that helps salespeople transition from simply making transactions to solving real business problems. CSP focuses on adopting a Counsellor Mindset, a mindset that builds profitable, long-term customer relationships. Узнать больше

Counselor Selling in a Virtual Environment™

Selling virtually has become the new normal in most industries. Your salesforce now relies on remote selling tools to bridge the gap between how they are accustomed to selling and how they now need to sell. So, how do you effectively apply The Counselor Salesperson™ (CSP) approach in the virtual environment? Узнать больше

Creating Differentiated Offerings

The Creating Differentiated Offerings module of the Sales Advantage Series helps high-performing salespeople avoid the pitfalls of competing on price by effectively differentiating their offering with customers. In this module, sales professionals learn how to look beyond easily commoditised features and services to developing real differentiation based on what the customer values, which is hard for competitors to replicate. Узнать больше

Customer Relationship Inventory

The Customer Relationship Inventory (CRI) is an insightful assessment tool that measures a salesperson's skill levels in terms of relating, discovering, advocating and supporting, as perceived by the people he, or she, serves. Participants will receive useful feedback and development planning based on their customers' perspective. Узнать больше

Global Effectiveness

Global Effectiveness is based on working within the five cultural dimensions. This programme will teach participants what types of behaviours to expect from certain cultures and how to prepare themselves for business interactions. Participants will learn how to turn cultural differences from an unknown liability into an asset. Узнать больше

Inbound Sales Excellence

Inbound Sales Excellence is a compelling customer service programme that dramatically improves how call centre personnel create value for organisations. It helps participants clearly communicate their competence and establish credibility with customers, who in turn will be more likely to respond to questions, accept their recommendations and remain loyal over the long term. Узнать больше

Managing Competition

The Managing Competition module of the Sales Advantage Series helps high-performing salespeople learn how to outmanoeuvre the competition. In this module, sales professionals learn about the competitive landscape using The Value Map™. This tool will help them assess their value and their competitors’ value from the customer's point of view. Узнать больше

Sales Advantage Series: Managing Decisions

The Managing Decisions module of the Sales Advantage Series helps high-performing salespeople learn how to interpret the decision dynamics for an opportunity in order to influence the decision in their favour. In this module, sales professionals learn how to manage key stakeholders in the decision process. Узнать больше

Managing Opportunities

The Managing Opportunities module of the Sales Advantage Series helps high-performing salespeople learn how to make optimal decisions when choosing which opportunities to pursue. In this module, sales professionals learn about the factors that influence whether a customer will move forward with a buying decision. Узнать больше

Mastering Successful Presentations: Skills for Influencing Outcomes

In today’s complex business environment, the ability to deliver a persuasive presentation to internal or external audiences has become a fundamental requirement. Presenters need to craft the right message for their audience, stay alert to reactions, effectively address questions, and persuasively make their point. Are your key contributors able to present with confidence and poise? Do they know how to successfully engage their audiences at that critical moment of influence? Узнать больше

Negotiating to Yes

Negotiating to Yes helps salespeople become better negotiators by turning face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem solving. It is based on the concept of Principled Negotiation, a method that offers salespeople an efficient process for reaching optimal business agreements that are satisfying to both parties and actually strengthen professional relationships. Узнать больше

Networking for Success

Relationship building and face-to-face business networking skills are critical to effective business performance. Among young business professionals, 60% say they are uncomfortable in business and social settings and 85% say they don't have the networks they need to accomplish their goals. Узнать больше

Sales Advantage Series

“Consultative selling”—the ability to understand and link solutions to a customer’s business priorities—is a critical skill but is no longer by itself a differentiator. “Strategic selling” is also required—being a strategist for one’s own organisation, selecting high-yield opportunities and demonstrating business value, all while managing the competition in a way that is beneficial to the customer. Узнать больше

The Sales Leader Manager

The Sales Leader Manager: Leading Salespeople to Success provides sales managers with the framework and skills to enable their sales teams to succeed by achieving higher revenue, customer satisfaction and long-term profitability. Узнать больше

Sales Leader Navigator: Effectiveness Insights 360™

The Sales Leader Navigator: Effectiveness Insights 360 diagnoses where your sales leaders are in terms of the Integrated Leadership Model's four roles. This 360-degree feedback instrument also measures the impact your sales leaders are having on the effectiveness of your sales process. instrument also measures the impact your sales leaders are having on the effectiveness of your sales process. Узнать больше

Salesperson Navigator: Effectiveness Insights 360™

The Salesperson Navigator: Effectiveness Insights 360™ diagnoses where your salespeople are in terms of the Consultant/Strategist Model's four roles. Today, selling requires more than personal effectiveness or technical effectiveness (product knowledge). Узнать больше

Selling in a Virtual Environment™

Selling in a Virtual Environment™ (SVE) provides salespeople with the skills they need to successfully combine their current sales methodology with virtual best practices. Research shows that salespeople have lost sales opportunities by not using their relationship selling skills effectively in the virtual environment. Узнать больше

Signature Service: The Key to Customer Satisfaction™

Signature Service is a practical, results-oriented programme that helps service providers at all levels develop and apply the skills necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. Signature Service recognises four distinct customer conditions and provides specific approaches for successfully responding to each one. Service providers learn how to bring customers to a satisfied level, then confirm customer satisfaction. Узнать больше

Turning Information into Sales

In Turning Information into Sales, salespeople will be provided with tools to effectively discover business needs, identify what matters and apply it in successful sales. They will develop the essential ability to discover the information needed to create highly satisfactory and compelling solutions, resulting in improved sales results. Узнать больше

The Versatile Salesperson™

The Versatile Salesperson is built around the four-quadrant Social Styles matrix. Participants are profiled for their perceived Social Style and interpersonal versatility level, then learn how to identify others' Social Styles and temporarily adjust their own to communicate more easily and effectively with others. Узнать больше