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Stage Change Management (Japan-only Program)

Stage Change Management

Stage Change Management helps leaders manage the change from "what is" to "what will be."

Recommended number of participants: 30(Max)


To learn the principle of the management in order to change one’s point of view and to manage daily activities with the macro point of view at the transition stage r from “to be managed” to “to manage.”

  • To convey one’s company policies and strategies to his/her team members.
  • To recognize one’s own characters as a manager by differentiating him/herself from the other participants via discussion.
  • To learn the fundamental of management systematically from the micro to the macro points of views.
  • To realize that the team collaboration contributes to the achievement.
Modules (2 days)

1. Orientation

  • To learn basic concepts of management with the encourage on organization and individuals actively that are essential for proactive managers.

2. Business Management

  • To develop a point of view that positions one’s own organization in terms of strategies and relations in external business environment.
  • To obtain basic knowledge of management, including ”What is an organization?” “Why is it needed?” “What is its relation with strategies?” “What is suitable suit?”

3. Task Management

  • To understand and learn the management methods that contribute to the sequence of tasks from assignment, goal settings, work executions.
  • To think balance-making to optimize policies and strategies, tasks, teams, and individuals.
  • To learn the essentials of problem solving process and thoughts.

4. Team Management

  • To understand the specific elements that maximize team members’ capabilities in the collaboration within the team.
  • To check specific elements that make a significant contribution to team collaboration throughout case studies or discussion with team members.

5. Personal Management

  • To make an environment where members can grow based on basic principles of development.
  • To acquire differentiated management method the management method according to the level of proficiency.

Management Framework

  • At the end of each modules, participants will think about how they can apply 4 management areas into their own management and make scenario.

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