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Leading Change

Today's business environment is challenging and fast paced, requiring organisations to be nimble; yet, change often has a negative impact on employees. They will become frustrated or frozen, lose sight of what they do on a daily basis and push back and resist change initiatives. In response, the organisation quickly becomes reactive rather than proactive, losing the speed and adaptability that won customers in the first place. The organisation and its people often need help seeing change in positive, energising terms.


Creating a Culture Of Engagement

Creating a Culture of Engagement is a highly interactive two-day instructor-led experience that teaches leaders to increase employee engagement and strengthen teams, leading to tangible business results. This active learning session is hands-on and process-oriented. The focus is on what the organisation needs to do, as well as what individual leaders need to do, to create collaborative teams and a culture of engagement. Узнать больше

Leading for Growth™

Leading for Growth™ challenges managers to re-think their role as leaders, shifting their mindset from that of "heroic manager" to "growth leader." The programme is structured on the core dimensions of growth leadership: building a collaborative culture, creating a shared vision and adopting mutual influence. Узнать больше

Leading in Challenging Times™

Leading in Challenging Times™ focuses on what happens to human energy during times of change. To capture the discretionary energy of the workforce, leaders must understand how motivation and focus can be lost, and what they and their teams can do to regain effectiveness and commitment. A companion programme for individuals, Working in Challenging Times™ helps participants understand and manage their own reactions to change, as well as develop a sense of personal accountability. Узнать больше