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Assessment Services for Sales Development

Wilson Learning's Assessment Services drive performance improvement efforts through three core assessment services: Competency Modelling, Developmental and Impact Evaluation. These services help organisations address three key performance questions:

  • How does your organisation define successful sales performance?
  • What are the current skill/knowledge levels of your sales and service people - and are these levels sufficient for successful performance?
  • Have performance improvement initiatives undertaken in the past brought you closer to your desired performance state?

Assessment Services:

The Counsellor Salesperson Challenge

Organisations are frequently looking for ways to increase the use of new skills in the workplace. The Counsellor Salesperson Challenge (CSP Challenge) is a Situational Judgement Test approach to supporting the application of skills from Wilson Learning's The Counsellor Salesperson (CSP) programme. Узнать больше

Customer Relationship Inventory

The Customer Relationship Inventory (CRI) is an insightful assessment tool that measures a salesperson's skill levels in terms of relating, discovering, advocating and supporting, as perceived by the people he, or she, serves. Participants will receive useful feedback and development planning based on their customers' perspective. Узнать больше

Impact Evaluation

Impact Evaluation will augment any effort to improve performance. It's been used in numerous industries including financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, biotechnology, telecommunications and shipping. An Impact Evaluation shows the behaviours that changed, the performance that improved and the results achieved, whether in sales, leadership or individual effectiveness. Узнать больше

Sales Leader Navigator

The Sales Leader Navigator diagnoses where your sales leaders are in terms of the Integrated Leadership Model's four roles. This 360-degree feedback instrument also measures the impact your sales leaders are having on the effectiveness of your sales process. Узнать больше

Salesperson Navigator

The Salesperson Navigator diagnoses where your salespeople are in terms of the Consultant / Strategist Model's four roles. Today, selling requires more than personal effectiveness or technical effectiveness (product knowledge). Узнать больше