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National Insurer Boosts Productivity 11%

National Insurer Boosts Productivity 11%

Business Issue:

A national insurer planned to implement a learning initiative in order to increase collaboration and productivity among their workforce. In light of their differing goals, managers responsible for revenue generation teams as well as managers responsible for underwriting, risk management and financial control teams needed to find ways to collaborate.


To address this challenge, a key company executive—who had worked with Wilson Learning at a prior employer—knew Wilson Learning would be able to develop a more collaborative, trusting, and productive workforce. In order to develop versatile communication skills and foster productive relationships, the solution included cross-functional workshops, pre-course profiles, role-plays, application exercises, and video examples of best practises from the programme Building Relationship Versatility: Social Styles at Work. Wilson Learning's Extended Learning System provided automated reinforcement to participants with links to quizzes, videos, planners, and interactive mini-modules designed to drive skill application. Participants’ managers received corresponding tips for simplifying coaching and a dashboard to review participant activities.


As a result of the learning initiative, the national insurance company increased productivity 11% by improving how revenue generation and risk management teams cooperate and resolve issues.

When the Director of Training first learnt about the Extended Learning System, she said, "Wow, this is going to save me so much time! The fact that the new Extended Learning System automatically sends the right message to the right person at the right time is fantastic!"

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