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Influencing and Negotiating with Others

Most people think of negotiations as a formal legal process. However, day-to-day operations require individuals to influence and negotiate with colleagues and customers frequently. Individuals need to learn how to effectively deal with daily negotiations that involve difficult issues. They also need to learn how to influence others who's support and alignment is critical. Strong negotiating and influencing skills allow individuals to accomplish their work while meeting overall goals and objectives.


Getting to Yes: Influencing for Optimal Results

Getting to Yes (GTY) helps managers become better influencers and, ultimately, negotiators. Managers become better negotiators by turning-face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem solving. It is based on the concept of Principled Negotiation, a method that offers managers an efficient process for reaching optimal business agreements that are satisfying to both parties while strengthening professional relationships. Узнать больше