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Personal Leadership

Individuals who think like leaders and take personal accountability for their own development and actions increase their value to the organisation. These individuals take initiative; manage emotions to avoid stress and conflict with managers, peers and customers; and know when and how to take appropriate risks.

Personal Leadership Programmes:

Building Relationship Versatility™: Social Styles at Work

Building Relationship Versatility™: Social Styles at Work is built around a four-quadrant Social Styles matrix. After being profiled, participants are assigned a Social Style, interpersonal versatility rating and specific versatility behaviours. During the workshop, participants learn how to identify others' Social Styles and then, based on understanding their own and others' style, learn to modify their own behaviours to communicate more easily and effectively with others. Узнать больше

Networking for Success

Relationship building and face-to-face business networking skills are critical to effective business performance. Among young business professionals, 60% say they are uncomfortable in business and social settings and 85% say they don't have the networks they need to accomplish their goals. Узнать больше

Working in Challenging Times™

Working in Challenging Times™ is a one-day programme that incorporates concepts and application for committing one's own discretionary energy on implementing company strategy. Participants learn to understand and manage their own reactions and self-talk about changed events. They develop a sense of personal accountability for realising the positive potentialities in the change. The focus is on moving forward—both as an individual and in dialogue with co-workers. Узнать больше