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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills are constantly used to plan and implement projects, make decisions as well as solve problems. Employees who possess critical thinking skills and tools are better able to understand complex situations and what matters most. They are equipped to gather and interpret information and draw sound, actionable conclusions; generate innovative ideas individually or as part of a team; and create and execute action plans to achieve goals and objectives.

Critical Thinking Programmes:

Consulting with Clients

Consulting skills are as important as technological proficiency in today's environment. Consulting with Clients is an intermediate level workshop designed to enable consultants to bring business value to their internal or external clients. Participants will learn how to align solutions to address business priorities and processes and, as a result, achieve increased revenue and customer loyalty. Узнать больше

Innovation In Action Series

The Innovation in Action Series is a series of modules that explores the dimensions of innovation — Innovation Styles, Innovation Tools & Practices, The Creative Journey®, Taking Initiative and Strategic Innovation Management—to help organisations improve how they advance their market position. Узнать больше