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Inbound Sales Excellence

Inbound Sales Excellence
Inbound Sales Excellence

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Call centres often yield a return on investment of 20 percent or better and have such an impact on the bottom line that they are sometimes considered to be profit centres with their own income and growth targets for the top line. Effective use of call centres has enabled organisations to expand the reach beyond traditional marketing tools such as advertising, promotions, and personal sales.

Inbound Sales Excellence (ISE) is a compelling customer-service programme that dramatically improves how call centre agents create value for organisations. It helps participants clearly communicate their competence and establish credibility with customers, who in turn will be more likely to respond to questions, accept the agent’s recommendations, and remain loyal over the long term.

ISE provides your call centre agents with the skills to guide the incoming call, discover the caller’s needs, relate those needs to a solution, and finalise the sale.

Programme Outcomes

Inbound Sales Excellence (ISE) gives call centre agents the skills to sell in the inbound call centre environment. Call centre agents are able to control the call and sell, while maintaining a positive relationship with the caller. Wide implementation of a complete ISE approach can lead to substantially increased call centre sales.


Implementing Inbound Sales Excellence (ISE) fits the call centre environment by design. It engages the call centre managers to gain their support and commitment to coach their agents. Wilson Learning believes that learning must be transferred to day-to-day work practises. To achieve this, Inbound Sales Excellence includes components and activities that enhance Participant Readiness, Learning Transfer, and Organisational Alignment.

Participant Readiness prepares participants for the overall learning experience:

  • The opening module sets the context for learning by establishing the business case for customer loyalty.

Learning Transfer design embeds practice and use of new skills. The learning can be flexibly delivered:

  • As a two-day face-to-face, application-oriented workshop
  • In modular format over non-consecutive days to allow application between sessions

The face-to-face workshop can be taught by a Wilson Learning facilitator or by an organisation’s own leader-trained in-house professional.

Organisational Alignment ensures the learning is aligned and connected to the participant’s job:

  • Checklists and other programme resources provide participants with support for skill application and implementation.

As a result, participants will continue to apply the skills and tools learned in ISE long after the learning event is completed.

Enabling Improved Performance

Inbound Sales Excellence (ISE) can be enhanced by application, reinforcement, and support tools. During the course, participants will be given checklists to support learning and adoption of the skills. These checklists can be used after the programme is completed to continue implementation of the methods learned.


Organisations that implement Inbound Sales Excellence can also access optional measurement and evaluation tools. Wilson Learning will partner with your organisation to measure the initial behavioural changes and business results. Our common interest is to make sure ISE delivers the results you seek. We are committed to helping you succeed; we will work with you to set up measurement systems to help move desired change forward and sustain the momentum of your implementation.

To learn more about measuring the impact of learning, visit Measurement and Evaluation Services.

This offering, like all others from Wilson Learning, can be customised to reflect your sales environment and business priorities and can be integrated with your sales process.

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