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Coaching the Counsellor Salesperson

The ABC's of Coaching
The ABC's of Coaching

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The sales function is a key source of competitive advantage for organisations—and there’s no place where competition is more intense. As the importance of sales in organisations expands, having a highly effective sales-force and a consistent developmental approach to sales management are absolute necessities. The ability of sales managers to develop their salespeople has a significant impact on sales team success and revenue results. Consequently, the development of sales managers is a critical success factor for enhanced sales productivity.

Coaching the Counsellor Salesperson (CCSP) is a flexible, modular programme that provides sales managers with the skills they need to ensure the ongoing success and development of the salesperson. This capability:

  • Provides an understanding of Wilson Learning’s The Counsellor Salesperson (CSP) concepts and principles.
  • Offers managers a coaching process—The ABC's of Coaching—that includes a feedback framework (coaching conversations) for developing a team of top-performing salespeople.
  • Provides managers with practice and experience coaching to real-life sales situations.

Used in conjunction with The Counsellor Salesperson, CCSP creates a high performance sales system.


Coaching the Counsellor Salesperson helps sales leaders understand the importance of and their role in coaching—specifically, coaching to CSP skills. They are able to see how they can impact performance through their efforts. CCSP provides the skills and tools they need to coach their salespeople, which will improve and stretch the performance of their entire sales team.


Wilson Learning believes that learning is only effective when it transfers to day-to-day work practises. To achieve this, Coaching the Counsellor Salesperson includes components and activities that enhance:

Participant Readiness: Prepares sales managers for the overall learning experience

  • Pre-workshop webcast sets the learning context.

Learning Design: Embeds practice and use of new skills in the learning design. The learning can be flexibly delivered as a:

  • Two- or one-day face-to-face application-oriented workshop
  • Blended solution (with CSP e-learning content followed by the face-to-face coaching session)
  • Configured solution based on your organisation’s needs

As a workshop component, CCSP can be taught by a Wilson Learning facilitator, or by an organisation’s own leader-trained in-house professional.

Organisational Alignment: Ensures that the organisation supports the use of the new skills

  • The Counsellor Salesperson: Coaching Playbook provides turnkey actions to help sales managers coach to CSP skills.
  • CCSP utilises the post-learning reinforcement resources available to salespeople after attending CSP.

As a result, CSP becomes part of your organisation’s selling practises, which benefits customers and increases productivity.

Enabling Improved Performance

The Coaching the Counsellor Salesperson programme features various application, reinforcement, and support tools. These additional learning components—tools for communicating expectations and observing behaviours, coaching guides, etc.—ensure that sales managers can hone newly acquired coaching skills and behaviours upon returning to work.


Organisations that implement the Coaching the Counsellor Salesperson programme also have access to measurement and impact evaluation tools.

Wilson Learning will partner with your organisation to measure the initial behavioural changes and business results. Our common interest is to make sure your Coaching the Counsellor Salesperson programme delivers the results you seek. We are committed to helping you succeed, and we will work with you to set up measurement systems to help move desired change forward and sustain the momentum of your implementation.

This offering, like all others from Wilson Learning, can be customised to reflect your sales environment and business priorities, and can be integrated with your sales process.

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