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Instructional Design

A Solid Foundation for World-Class Offerings

What is transparent to the end users of our training is the elegance of the foundational instructional design that enables learners to journey to self-discovery of inherent skills and talents, "aha" moments or any number of insights adult learners take away from a learning initiative.

Solid instructional design principles steeped in research and coloured with a creative flourish have been around since our inception and continue to be used in every offering Wilson Learning authors. Our design and development experts bring leading-edge thinking about design, development and delivery to each new programme.

Wilson Learning contributes to the global canvas of "what great looks like" in instructional design methodology and constructs. One of our design leaders has been a primary contributor for the ISO Technical Committee for Learning Service Providers, charged with setting global standards and has represented the U.S. in positioning these standards at conferences in Australia, Japan and South Korea. We bring the same standards of rigour, thought leadership and innovation to our instructional design work. It is from this solid foundation that we build our world-class offerings.