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Sales Process Consulting

“88% of sales executives say that a defined sales process improves performance.”

— CSO Insights

Sales Process Consulting focuses on working with clients to develop a clearly defined sales process that ensures alignment between how new and/or existing customers buy today and how salespeople sell to them.

A well-defined sales process enables salespeople and sales managers to accurately assess where customers are in their buying process, as well as identify the key selling activities needed to advance opportunities from pre-qualified to winning the business.

As a result, sales managers will have better visibility and confidence on where sales opportunities are in the sales cycle so they can provide better coaching and performance management practices. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of improving sales close rates.

The new sales process incorporates enhanced pipeline and forecasting practices that provide a more realistic picture of likely business to be closed at any given time, allowing senior leaders to make more effective business decisions throughout the year.

Share and discuss these questions with your stakeholders:

  1. Do you have a sales process?
  2. Is it clearly documented?
  3. Is it widely used? Do salespeople consistently use it and follow it when interfacing with others who assist them in the sales process?
  4. Do managers coach to it?
  5. Does it reflect your customers’ buying process?

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