Integrating Training at Live Events

Integrating Training at Live Events

“Our two-day Sales Summit this year brought together 300 salespeople, sales leaders, and sales executives in Phoenix, Arizona. Before the meeting, we worked with Wilson Learning to customize three 45-minute breakout sessions to support and operationalize our new strategic direction.

After the opening general session kick-off, a team of talented facilitators from Wilson Learning conducted the training in multiple concurrent breakout sessions. We were able to communicate the new strategy at a personal level, build excitement, and gain alignment from our regional teams. From start to finish, the event was a tremendous success.” —VP of National Sales

Integrating Dynamic, Targeted Training at Your Next Live Event

For your next live initiative, be it a company-wide event, your organization’s annual sales meeting, or your leadership conference, consider working with Wilson Learning. We will work side by side with you to incorporate targeted development needs and key messaging into your initiative, ensuring the training is holistically aligned with your business strategy and creative plan.

Wilson Learning brings a depth and breadth of learning services to your initiative. Our designers and facilitators are experts at pulling through key messages and reinforcing your organization’s strategic direction while imparting new and targeted skills to reach higher levels of success.

When an event brings your audience under one roof, whether its 40 or 4,000 attendees, trust Wilson Learning to provide professional development offerings that captivate the modern learner.

Some of the popular development opportunities incorporated into our client events have included:

  • Selling to Value
  • Earning the Right to Discover
  • Negotiating Through Difficult Situations
  • Versatility for Strengthened Relationships
  • Building Impactful Stories
  • Developing Global Agility
  • Leading Through Transformation
  • Principled Negotiation Techniques
  • Creating a Culture of Engagement
  • . . . and many more!

Together, we will target the training topics that will best serve your development needs.

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