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有效的辅导 (Lighthouse Coaching)

Lighthouse Coaching
Lighthouse Coaching


Managers who can coach their sales representatives create an environment that encourages them to reach their full potential. Managers who can coach to the details of new sales tools and approaches optimize their total impact. Wilson Learning applies state-of-the-art webcast technology to help managers learn to coach effectively, properly motivate salespeople, convey the right expectations, and get the best results. Supporting other sales effectiveness solutions from Wilson Learning, Lighthouse Coaching (LHC) will help the manager/coach reinforce what was learned and ensure that it is implemented effectively.

LHC will help the busy manager move from the "error-correction" management style to the "goal-attainment" coaching style. Using the Lighthouse Coaching model, LHC enables the manager to express exactly what is expected of each salesperson to engage them in their own development and improve sales results.

LHC sets a collaborative practical approach to development, with clear mutual expectations on goals, support, and accountability.

Program Outcomes

Lighthouse Coaching (LHC) gives managers the power to effectively coach and support the programs their salesforce just learned to improve the results and help ensure lasting change.

Implemented as a flexible and integrated Human Performance Improvement (HPI) solution, LHC enables managers to efficiently learn how to coach their salesforce without leaving the field, thus reducing travel and improving acceptance.


In a series of two two-hour webcasts, managers first learn to coach, then learn to coach the skills and approach of the Wilson Learning program, such as Counselor Salesperson (CSP) or Versatile Salesperson (VSP).

Lighthouse Coaching is taught in a series of two two-hour webcasts. This enables the sales manager to:

  • Learn without leaving the field
  • Apply the coaching tools from CSP or VSP to real situations with representatives.
Enabling Improved Performance

Through the use of a Performance and Results Indicator Tracking form, each manager will be able to properly identify coachable moments so each opportunity for improvement and challenge within their salesforce is seized. Lighthouse Coaching also uses a Tip and Tools Worksheet in electronic format during the webcast to keep track of tips from the program and tools that one's own organization has to help the coaching process adapt and become more effective.

The Counselor Salesperson or Versatile Salesperson modules provide managers with a tool kit to help the representatives optimize the impact of those programs.


Managers will see, and can track, the impact of their coaching using the tools above and in routine communications and meetings with their salespeople. As an option, Wilson Learning can support measurement of coaching effectiveness and those they coach. Wilson Learning will partner with your organization to measure the initial behavioral changes and business results. Our common interest is to make sure that Lighthouse Coaching delivers the results you seek. We are committed to helping you succeed, and we will work with you to set up measurement systems to help move the desired change forward and sustain the momentum of your implementation.

To learn more about measuring the impact of learning, visit Measurement and Evaluation Services.

This offering, like all others from Wilson Learning, can be customized to reflect your sales environment and business priorities and can be integrated with your sales processes.

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