Wilson Learning invites you to an Exclusive Breakfast Roundtable

Wilson Learning invites you to an Exclusive Breakfast Roundtable

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Wilson Learning invites you to an exclusive breakfast roundtable ‘Flip and Drip approach to learning transfer’. The roundtable is scheduled to take place on 20th April at The Westin, Mumbai between 8:30 am - 11:00 am.

In this session, participants will learn about a new approach to accelerating the learning and transfer of new leadership skills; Flip and Drip Leadership Development.

Drawing on the concept of the flipped classroom and the metaphor of drip-irrigation, we will explore a leadership development process which acknowledges that the most effective leadership learning processes are driven by two major characteristics of leadership development:

  1. New leadership skills are easy to learn, but hard to apply. The best use of the facilitator/teacher is to focus on giving feedback on application, not delivering instruction.
  2. Leadership behavior does not change because leaders have learned new skills. Leaders need time, mindful reflection, and practice to form new leadership habits. In essence, leadership development need to deliver new skills to the “roots” much like drip-irrigation methods are more effective because they deliver water to the roots of the plant.

Drawing on research on flipped classroom methods, mindfulness practices, learning journeys, learning transfer and emerging practices in leadership development this session will guide the participants to a new understanding of leadership development and the begins of a design for their new leadership development initiative.

Speaker and facilitator for the round table

Vivek Chandramohan, MD Wilson Learning India, has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of information technology (IT), information technology enabled service (ITES), sales, and sales management, including tenures at IBM India, e-Serve International Ltd., Dell International Services Ltd., and HCL Technologies. Through his industry involvement, Vivek has gained extensive knowledge and experience in sales and consulting, customer service, process transition management, global solutions, and leadership development.

Event and Participation details

Date: April 20th 2018
Last date for registration*: April 13th 2018
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Venue: The Westin
For more details about the event
          call: +0124 6472 105
          email: joydip_ghosh@wilsonlearning.in

*Please note this is an invite only event.
 You can choose to nominate relevant people from your organisation.

Event itinerary

08:30 am-
09:00 am
Registration & Breakfast 
09:00 am –
09:15 am
Context Setting Vivek Chandramohan, Managing Director, Wilson Learning India
09:15 am -
10:30 am
Roundtable discussion on “Flip and Drip approach to learning transfer”Vivek Chandramohan, Managing Director, Wilson Learning India
10:50 am -
11:00 am

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you at the event. Your perspectives will drive tremendous value in our conversations.