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Selling to Value (Infographic)

How Today’s Highest-Performing Sales Teams Create Unbeatable Competitive Advantage

Salespeople often assume they know what the buyer values but are really projecting their own ideas of value onto the customer. Today, customers are looking for something more than an explanation of features; they are looking for a new perspective on how best to move their business forward. Garnering a busy decision-maker’s attention requires solutions that are uniquely matched to the customer’s specific value expectations.

This move from a problem-centered approach to a business-centered approach may seem easy, but it requires three things: a mindset change that places the customer’s business ahead of your own, new knowledge by exploring how the customer’s business runs, and new skills to follow the customer’s lead to the next question.

Check Out the Infographic Below


94% of buying executives expect salespeople to have business impact discussions with them.
ONLY 19% of salespeople do this effectively.

1. They approach it with the right INTENT.
The 19% move beyond maintain and problem solve to create new value for the customer.
2. The UNDERSTAND the customer's business.
The 19% know how to ask the right questions to uncover business priorities:
Market - Their competitive market position and its impact on success
Strategy - How they are executing on the factors critical to their success
Structure - How they are functionally organized to create value
People - The talent and engagement they rely on for success
Business Metrics - How they will know they are being successful
3. They seek greater MEANING.
The 19% know how to engage in Discovery Dialogue instead of just a set of fact-based questions.

From Traditional
Asking questions to get the customer to say something that leads to your pitch
To Selling to Value
An equal dialogue between salesperson and customer, creating a vision that defines the customer's desired situation

Customers are looking for something more than an explanation of features; they are looking for insight and a new perspective on market trends and competitive positioning to move their business forward.

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Resource: "Selling to Value: The New Standard for Sales Discovery"

Next Steps

Sales organizations need to develop an approach to selling that differentiates them from the competition. If salespeople simply respond with a needs-based approach, they are only on par with everyone else, offering no differentiation. When your salespeople learn to Sell to Value, they become an unbeatable source of competitive advantage, are able to outmaneuver competitors, and can build long-term customer relationships.

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