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Managing Projects

Complex projects require individuals to be effective project managers. They must be able to plan, implement, and monitor projects to meet deadlines, quality standards, and internal and external customer expectations. Without the right skills, deadlines can be missed, projects can veer off track, and the project team can lose sight of the end goals—all of which can be very costly.


Delegating with Confidence

In Leading for Performance: Delegating with Confidence, managers explore the challenges of delegating and the conditions under which delegation is most effective. They learn a simple, proven delegation process and related skills and tools. Managers learn to effectively entrust others with tasks, while maintaining ultimate responsibility for the outcome. learn more

The Effective Project Manager

The Effective Project Manager helps individuals develop their understanding of the two key factors in effective project management—the task and the people involved. Participants learn a basic process for leading project teams and increase their skills through interactive activities. learn more