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Desenvolvimento da Força de Trabalho

Learning Transfer Services for Workforce Development

"Other companies have . . . offered a 2-day training class. What you are offering is a 9-month culture transformation with measurable behavior change and a lot of ongoing support and reinforcement for participants and their managers."

— Director of Training and Development, Medical Equipment Company

In the past, the traditional approach to learning was focused on events such as seminars, workshops, or e-courses. Research shows this approach does not change behavior. Today, Wilson Learning shifts the focus to extend learning into the workplace. Based on years of experience and research, this approach includes a full range of integrated elements that lead to long-lasting, sustainable change.

This unique extended learning approach ensures your individuals and their managers are ready to learn, acquire the skills and tools they need, and continue to apply and integrate the learning to deliver improved productivity.

Individuals and their managers can access reinforcement and support tools online. These tools include tips and refreshers for applying the new skills and concepts on the job. Managers can stay abreast of what their people are doing and learning, and will receive their own coaching tips and tools for helping their people achieve increased performance by using the new approach, skills, and tools they learned.
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