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Desenvolvimento da Força de Trabalho

Measuring the Impact of Workforce Development

How do you know you are getting a return on your investment of training dollars?

Wilson Learning has the expertise and experience to provide reliable data you can use to pinpoint the areas where your training investment will have the greatest payoff, demonstrate what your employees have learned, and measure the impact of your learning initiatives on performance.

Evaluation options include:

  • Post-course Impact Evaluation Surveys, which measure behaviors and change in performance
  • Individual behavior-based measures of capabilities and skills
  • Business Metrics Analysis, a research-based approach that focuses on a specific metric of your choosing (e.g., productivity, cycle time, or customer satisfaction)

Impact evaluation methods and tools can be customized to your specific environment and business priorities. We give clients the option to select the level of evaluation that meets their needs, while minimizing the costs, effort, and time required for traditional approaches to measuring learning outcomes.
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