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Desenvolvimento de Vendas

Consultative Selling

A salesperson's ability to understand and link solutions to a customer's business priorities is a critical skill. It begins with building relationships through trust and credibility. It requires identifying information about a customer's products and market position, asking questions to uncover business issues important to the customer, and creating solutions that add real value to the customer's business.


  • The Counselor Salesperson
  • Turbocharging Discovery Agreements
  • The Counselor Salesperson Challenge
  • Networking for Success
  • The Versatile Salesperson
  • Inbound Sales Excellence
  • Negotiating to Yes


O Consultor de Vendas

The Counselor Salesperson uses a four-step consultative selling process that helps salespeople transition from simply making transactions to solving real business problems. CSP focuses on adopting a Counselor Mindset, a mindset that builds profitable, long-term customer relationships. learn more

The Counselor Salesperson Challenge

Organizations are frequently looking for ways to increase the use of new skills in the workplace. The Counselor Salesperson Challenge (CSP Challenge) is a Situational Judgment Test approach to supporting the application of skills from Wilson Learning's The Counselor Salesperson (CSP) program. learn more

Inbound Sales Excellence

Inbound Sales Excellence is a compelling customer service program that dramatically improves how call center agents create value for organizations. It helps participants clearly communicate their competence and establish credibility with customers, who in turn will be more likely to respond to questions, accept the agent's recommendations, and remain loyal over the long term. learn more

Negociando o Sim

Negotiating to Yes helps salespeople become better negotiators by turning face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem solving. It is based on the concept of Principled Negotiation, a method that offers salespeople an efficient process for reaching optimal business agreements that are satisfying to both parties and actually strengthen professional relationships. learn more

Networking for Success

Relationship building and face-to-face business networking skills are critical to effective business performance. Among young business professionals, 60% say they are uncomfortable in business and social settings and 85% say they don't have the networks they need to accomplish their goals. learn more

O Vendedor Versátil

The Versatile Salesperson is built around the four-quadrant Social Styles matrix. Participants are profiled for their perceived Social Style and interpersonal versatility level, then learn how to identify others' Social Styles and temporarily adjust their own to communicate more easily and effectively with others. learn more