Time Management for Leaders (Americas only)

Time Management for Leaders (Americas only)

Time is a scarce commodity, representing a tremendous challenge for most managers. Yet, the problem is not really how to manage time but rather a more subtle problem of self-management along with following a more structured process. Leaders must be able to make the most of their own time and also help employees better manage their time.

Time Management for Leaders focuses on both the tools of time management as well as the self-management required to overcome some of the common barriers to effective time management, such as procrastination and not adhering to consistent use of tools and best practices. Participants learn how to apply a time management process: Plan, Prioritize, and Protect.

Program Outcomes

Time Management for Leaders ensures that an organization’s leaders are able to better manage themselves and their time, as well as able to help employees learn to make the most of their time.

Learning Approach

Time Management for Leaders is delivered as a 3-hour virtual module. The program can be facilitated by Wilson Learning or a leader-trained in-house certified facilitator. This enables:

  • Peer-to-peer virtual, real-time interaction among the participants and the facilitator
  • True-to-life skills practice with immediate in-person feedback
  • The opportunity for real-time commitment to action

Time Management for Leaders is not linked to a particular planner or tool but provides insight that applies to whatever system may already be in use.

Enabling Improved Performance

Time Management for Leaders features various performance application, reinforcement, and support tools. These tools help ensure that leaders can develop skills during the workshop and then fine-tune and apply their newly acquired skills and behaviors back in the organization. Involving managers and training them to coach is also important for successful implementation.

Measurement and Evaluation

Organizations that implement Time Management for Leaders have access to a broad range of tools to measure initial behavioral changes and business results. One approach may be a web-based survey of participants to identify the degree of change and the differences this change makes. More involved and thorough research options are also available.

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