Time Management (Japan-only Program)

Time Management (Japan-only Program)

Time Management focuses on time-management techniques and strategies.

This course provides you an opportunity to reflect your values. You will learn that time management is greatly influenced by your will instead of acquiring superficial skills such as how to fill the open time or cut the time.

Modules (1 day)
  1. What is Time Management - Reflect your experience and understand that time management is greatly influenced by your will
  2. Time and Concept of Value - Understand that matching the activities with your values are essential for effective time management
  3. Handling problematic area - Understand how to deal with the task which oppose to your values in an organization
  4. 2 types of time directivity - Understand the points when working with the people who have different time directivity
  5. Scheduling - Understand the planning method to maximize the productivity and fulfillment
  6. Protecting - Protecting
  7. Activity-Scheduling - Creating your schedule
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