Social Style Series (Japan-only Program)

Social Style Series (Japan-only Program)

All that separates your organization from your competitors are the skills, knowledge, commitment, and abilities of the people who work for you. Social Style Series is an evolutionary, research-based program that uncovers the great value in the diversity of your people and their individual strengths. This program will transform the way your organization, your teams, and your individual contributors work together to create value.

Program Overview

As the workplace becomes more culturally, behaviorally, educationally, and philo-sophically diverse, more versatile interaction is required for success. Social Style Series helps participants improve interpersonal relationships with their colleagues and associates, based on a proven framework of interpersonal tools and skills that are necessary to understand and work with individual differences in a variety of situations.

Program Details

Social Style Series is a modular, instructor-led program that can be configured to meet your organization’s needs, or presented in the traditional two-day format. The learning experience is enhanced by the Social Style Profile, a validated multi-rater instrument that identifies a participant’s Social Style.

Based on assertiveness and responsiveness, the Social Style model consists of four distinct interactive styles: Driver, Analytical, Amiable, and Expressive. Because the program is applications-based, the skills learned in the modules are practiced and reinforced within the participants’ real work environment, allowing them to immediately use this knowledge to develop more effective and productive relationships.

  • Dimensions of Social Style is an eight-hour core module that provides the foundation for understanding how assertiveness and responsiveness interact, and how that combination defines the four Social Styles and their behaviors. Participants learn the concepts and skills they need to identify other peoples’ Social Styles, recognize and appreciate the strengths of each style, and develop the versatility to effectively adapt to each style. Participants also become more comfortable with their own Social Style.
  • Building on Social Style Differences is a half-day module that expands on the critical concept of versatility, and provides advanced practice in style modification. Participants learn and practice versatility strategies for working with each Social Style.
  • Managing Styles in Conflict is a half-day module that focuses on recognizing, developing, and applying versatility strategies with people who are in “back-up” mode. Participants sharpen their ability to defuse conflict in work situations.

In today’s economy, most jobs are changing quickly and becoming increasingly complex. Employees must work together to increase their productivity and execute the organi-zation’s strategy. Strong interpersonal skills are needed at every level of the organization.

At the same time, internal politics and strict departmental silos can inhibit the ability of employees to work on teams or operate cross-functionally, which threatens an organization’s long-term competitiveness. Often, more time is spent on interpersonal and team issues than on the job.

Organizations must learn to maximize the individual talents of their people. Each of the four Social Styles has its own strengths and differences. These very differences are integral to organizational productivity, because they enhance individual and team performance.

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