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Salesperson Navigator

Salesperson Navigator
Salesperson Navigator

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A salesperson's skills can be a critical factor in an organization's ability to compete, win, and prosper in complex times. Measuring those skills, through the eyes of those who see them in action, gives valuable feedback to the salesperson. This feedback directs the salesperson to concentrate on the areas that need the most development and helps the salesperson efficiently develop customer relationships. Salesperson Navigator diagnoses the current state versus future needs for your sales talent. It guides the development investment for optimum effectiveness and supports an environment where learning to provide value is an essential part of the job.

The Salesperson Navigator 360-Degree Feedback Instrument diagnoses where your salespeople are in terms of the Consultant/Strategist Model's four roles. Today, selling requires more than personal effectiveness or technical effectiveness (product knowledge). Salespeople need to become valued consultants for the client organization to add value during the sales process. They also need to keep a strategic view to ensure they make profitable sales.

Salesperson Navigator measures behaviors from the Consultant/Strategist model to show strengths and development needs so your salespeople know what areas need to be developed further to increase their success.

Program Outcomes

Salesperson Navigator is a diagnostic feedback instrument to improve your salesforce's ability to win and meet revenue goals. It adds value for salespeople by powerfully highlighting what they need to develop. It adds value for the sales organization by showing where development investment should focus.


Salesperson Navigator provides high flexibility, from configuration and customization (optional) through data collection feedback, planning, and beyond. Implementations start with a Virtual Kick-off Meeting (optional) to set expectations and gain alignment. The process of collecting feedback is completely web-based, and the Development Planning Session itself can be face-to-face or as a webcast.

The Organizational Results Planning Session shows trends to help you prioritize your development investment in your salesforce based on facts.

Wilson Learning has a very flexible capacity for instruments like Salesperson Navigator, customizing and delivering over 400,000 reports in less than one year.

Continuing Development

Salespeople plan and prioritize continuing development as part of the feedback process. Salespeople get a specific recommendations on how they can most effectively develop the skills they need in the form of on-the-job activities, books, and training courses.

Wilson Learning can support further development in the form of appropriate sales training programs for group needs or coaching to meet individual needs.

Organizational Reporting

Results are combined in one or more organizational reports to show the actual patterns of strengths and development needs within the salesforce.

As part of our standard service, we present these results in a webcast briefing to senior leaders, as described above. Many organizations use this report as a needs analysis to target their development resources where they are most needed. Optionally, reports can be generated for various sub-groups of the whole organization to get an accurate reading of the specific development needs by segment of your salesforce (such as the needs of strategic account managers versus the needs of small/medium business sales).

This program, like all other offerings from Wilson Learning, can be customized to reflect your sales environment and business priorities and can be integrated with your existing processes.

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