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Managing Opportunities

Managing Opportunities
Managing Opportunities

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A critical success factor in sales achievement is the ability to play the role of strategist. Salespeople who can select high-return opportunities and bring in business with a targeted expenditure of limited sales assets are a source of competitive advantage for their organization.

The Managing Opportunities module of the Sales Advantage Series helps high-performing salespeople learn how to make optimal decisions when choosing which opportunities to pursue. In this module, sales professionals learn about the factors that influence whether a customer will move forward with a buying decision.

Salespeople learn how to use the three factors to analyze sales opportunities and provide evidence to support their decision to pursue a particular opportunity. This enables them to accurately assess the value of an opportunity and gain sales leadership support in their sales efforts. It also helps them invest their valuable time and resources on the opportunities that represent the greatest value and highest probability of winning for your organization.

Program Outcomes

Managing Opportunities helps salespeople identify high-probability and high-profitability opportunities from their portfolio of accounts.


Wilson Learning believes that learning must be transferred to day-to-day work practices. To achieve this, Managing Opportunities includes components and activities that address the following factors:

Participant Readiness: Prepares salespeople for the overall learning experience; pre-workshop communication and an online learning module set the context for learning.

Learning Design: The half-day module equips salespeople with the strategies and tools to provide advantage to the selling organization. The module uses real accounts for practice and planning.

Sustaining Learning: An optional Extended Learning System supports the transfer of learning to work performance, and an optional half-day custom application session provides expert consulting on specific sales opportunities.

Enabling Improved Performance

Sales Advantage Series modules feature application, reinforcement, and support tools. These tools ensure that salespeople can hone newly acquired skills and behaviors back on the job. Involving sales managers early and training them to coach for improved performance is also fundamental to successful implementation.

To discover how we ensure learning is reinforced and applied for improved performance, see our Learning Transfer Approach.


Organizations that implement the Sales Advantage Series also have access to Wilson Learning measurement and impact evaluation tools. The application session can serve as a leading indicator of behavior change and potential results. Account planning and coaching tools indicate and demonstrate progress with strategically important accounts.

We are committed to helping you succeed. We will work with you to set up measurement systems to help move desired change forward and sustain the momentum of your implementation.

Learn more about our Measurement and Evaluation Services.

Series Modules

The Sales Advantage Series modules introduce strategic approaches that equip your sales team to provide greater value to your customers and compete more effectively for business. The modules include:

  • Aligning Sales with Business Value
  • Conducting Strategic Business Calls: Discovering Critical Success Factors
  • Aligning with Customer Buying Behaviors
  • Creating Differentiated Offerings
  • Managing Opportunities
  • Managing Decisions
  • Managing Competition

Modules can be taken independently or as a complete series over time. Participants complete pre-work for each module to better leverage session activities that bring the concepts to life through reflection, case work, and application of new tools. Salespeople also work on their own client opportunities to advance their understanding and use of the tools.

This offering, like all others from Wilson Learning, can be customized to reflect your sales environment and business priorities and can be integrated with your sales process.

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