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Gestión de Equipos de Proyectos (Programa solo para Japón)

Project Team Management helps teams develop the team skills for IT project success.

  • Acquire the basic knowledge and skills as a necessary to project managers from human communication point of view.
  • Through the middle size project case study, participants become aware of interpersonal issues that could possibly occur in a process of project and learn how to solve them.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Grasp the important information effectively and accurately, therefore he or she will be able to make right decisions.
  2. Decrease redoing process and improve outcome quality through improving interpersonal relationships.
  3. Actualize smooth communication among project members to have a collaborative work environment.
Contents (2 days)
  1. Orientation - Understanding the importance of the human skills in order to implement projects smoothly.
  2. Perception - Acquiring skills which sense and interpret various phenomena, prevent problems before it occurs and nip problems in the bud.
  3. Interview - Getting the interview skills to understand the user needs surely at the process of defining requirements.
  4. Team Creativity - Improving team culture to innovate ideas for various problem solving ways.
  5. Communication - Promoting communication between the member as well as between PM and the member.
  6. Leadership - Understanding leadership styles and the way of influence to the members as a project manager in order to lead the team to the desirable direction.
  7. Stress Management - Acquiring of the skill to free a member from the excessive tense of the trouble, then always work by the best condition before the cutoff point.
  8. Determination - Acquiring of the behavior as the leader when he or she is asked decisiveness at the various phases.

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