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Managing Virtual Team Communications

One of the main challenges facing virtual teams is communication. When people only hear verbal communication unsupported by non-verbal actions, there can be difficulty in fully believing the communication. Virtual teams face this challenge constantly, as they cannot see facial expressions and body language, and as a result often make assumptions. This hands-on, interactive virtual module equips teams with the tools to move from an implicit communication approach to an explicit communication process; this helps overcome the voids left by no visible body language and cultural differences that are hard to detect by tone of voice alone.

Managing Virtual Team Communications (MVTC) engages team members in a virtual team simulation, where they learn and use critical communication and process tools to help them work in their virtual teams more effectively. These tools help them build strong relationships with team members who they do not see face-to-face, assign work based on ability and interest, conduct virtual team meetings using tools to gain alignment, bridge cultural differences, and resolve conflicts. The result is great clarity, communication that is more effective, stronger interactions, increased efficiencies, and higher performing teams.

Program Outcomes

Managing Virtual Team Communications helps individuals and leaders who work in virtual teams understand how to communicate differently and use essential tools and processes to achieve clear communications when working virtually. Virtual teams can significantly improve their interactions and performance through the application of these tools in their virtual communications and activities.


Managing Virtual Team Communications is a three-hour, instructor-led virtual module facilitated by a Wilson Learning-certified instructor.

This enables:

  • Live virtual interaction among the participants and the facilitator
  • True-to-life virtual simulation and skills practice with team debrief and best practice sharing
  • The opportunity for apply the new tools in real-life virtual team simulation
  • Opportunity to record and share key learnings to gain commitment to apply the new tools in their teams
Key Learnings Are... Your Participants Will...
Building Relationships Be able to use essential communication and process tools in a virtual team simulation designed to ensure effective virtual team interaction
Sharing Bes Practices Be able to work on creating best practices and actually define best practices for three key virtual team issues: bridging cultural differences; building trust; and managing conflict
Gaining Team Alignment Be able to gain alignment using different communication tools to brainstorm, review documents, and handle conflict
Enabling Improved Performance

Managing Virtual Team Communications features journaling activities so participants can capture key insights, application ideas, and tips for what they may do differently. Involving management and training them to coach is key for a successful implementation.

Measurement and Evaluation

Organizations that implement this module have access to a broad range of tools to measure initial behavioral changes and business results. For Managing Virtual Team Communications, one approach may be a web-based survey of participants’ direct reports to identify the degree of change and the differences that this change makes. Other research options are also available.

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