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Leader Manager Inventory

The Leader Manager Inventory is an online multi-rater assessment that measures a leader's capability for building an environment for employees to achieve performance with fulfillment, as perceived by the people he or she leads. It will help you identify the critical skills your leaders need to maximize both high performance and high satisfaction.


Research indicates that high performance is not sustainable over time unless it is accompanied by a high degree of fulfillment, in addition to a focus on performance—neither performance nor fulfillment exists in a vacuum. To implement strategy and create business results, managers must create an environment of performance with fulfillment. These skills require integrating the inspiration of leadership with the skill of management.


The Leader Manager Inventory is an insightful, research-based, multi-rater assessment designed for managers, supervisors, or anyone who provides leadership to a group of people. In addition to rating themselves, leaders request feedback from their manager and direct reports. The results provide participants with personalized feedback and development planning, as well as analyses of the effectiveness of creating an environment that supports performance with fulfillment. If used for organizational research, results can be provided in both a written report and executive presentation. The learning experience can be added to The Leader Manager, a two-day leadership development program.


The Leader Manager Inventory provides a comprehensive, skill-based measurement of the following areas:

  • Direction identifies the level at which the leader is able to communicate information about the company's direction clearly and inspirationally.
  • Goals assess how well the leader communicates goals in a manner that inspires others and leads to performance with fulfillment.
  • Feedback identifies how well the leader facilitates a shared dialogue about progress toward goals.
  • Recognition identifies the leader's ability to reinforce performance so employees feel valued.
  • Support reveals how well the leader recognizes opportunities and plans proactive strategies to provide support to the work unit(s) and at connecting points.
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