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Impact Evaluation

Improving performance isn't easy, whether it's the habits and practices of your sales teams, your leaders or your individual contributors. It's a serious investment of resources—not just money, but time, effort and attention that could be spent on other priorities. As our clients take on major efforts to improve performance, it makes sense to build in methods to monitor the progress and measure the results. When the inevitable question, "Was it worth it?" comes, our clients already know that it is—and they can prove it!

Impact Evaluation will augment any effort to improve performance. It's been used in financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, biotechnology, telecommunications, shipping and many other industries. An Impact Evaluation shows the behaviours that changed, the performance that improved, and the results achieved, whether in sales, leadership or individual effectiveness.

Our Impact Evaluation process has been examined and certified by ES Research, an independent advisory firm that evaluates sales training providers, as being fully compliant with their Certified Measurement Programme. Not many firms can credibly measure changes in sales performance with their clients, but Wilson Learning can.

Programme Outcomes

Impact Evaluation is a collaborative process that monitors effectiveness and demonstrates results. Showing results earns more support and gains wider participation in the effort to improve performance. It adds value and supports success by showing where development investment should focus for the best return on effort.


Impact Evaluation is a flexible and adaptable process. Impact Evaluation involves short surveys of participants and their managers (at least) and may also involve win/loss reviews, manager interviews, business metrics and "best practice" sessions. Whether simpler or more customised, the outcome of the process is a clear, credible view of what changes persist and what results are attributed. At its core, the process is always the same:

As a service offering in support of other efforts, the steps are to Clarify the outcomes the client needs, Identify credible change indicators and the approach to collect them, Document the approach, variables, scope and project plan, Evaluate and monitor with the chosen approach, and Report results, recommendations and next steps.

Continuing Measurement

Measurements such as Impact Evaluation focus organisational attention on the good outcomes the organisation needs. Organisations should exercise the option of a repeat measurement several months later to maintain that focus and continue the process.

The (optional) repeat measurement offers several predictable advantages:

  • Organisational attention is kept on the desired good outcomes.
  • Sustainment of the improved performance remains a priority.
  • The improved performance has a better opportunity to become habit.
Continuing Improvement

The information and insight that Impact Evaluation provides is intended to both document successful change and provide a path toward continuing improvement.

Recommendations typically include a candid assessment of where implementation has missed opportunities, how follow-through and accountability might be improved, what re-mediation is indicated where the changed behaviours and results are not yet meeting expectations and what next steps for the client organisation will keep the improved performance at the targeted level or above.

Impact Evaluation, as an Assessment Services offering, keeps the promise:

Better Decisions Through Better Information—To provide our clients with clear decision-making information and insight, in order to achieve the full potential of their human resources.

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