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The Counselor Salesperson: eCSP mini-modules

The Counselor Approach
The Counselor Approach

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For over two decades, Wilson Learning has been leveraging technology to deliver online learning solutions for customers around the globe. The need for interactive online learning has increased as companies seek flexible new ways to train dispersed workforces, speed up learning and usage, and reach broader audiences. At the same time, technologies have advanced and are more effective and affordable as training tools.

The Counselor Salesperson Mini-Modules (eCSP mini-mods) provide an interactive online learning experience modeled after our proven course of the same name. eCSP mini-mods are designed to help salespeople, sales managers, and sales support personnel gain a practical understanding of a proven, customer-focused sales process that helps them see the buyer’s point of view, and introduce skills that move the buyer-seller relationship forward. The flexibility of the mini-modules enables maximum customer application throughout the entire sales organization and supporting functions.

Common Questions About eCSP Mini-Modules

The concept of online learning appeals to many organizations, yet still involves a myriad of questions regarding development and delivery. Some of the most common questions our clients ask include:

  1. What do you mean by online learning?

    Wilson Learning’s online mini-modules use electronic, web-based media to deliver asynchronous learning.
  2. Why are you calling them mini-modules?

    Mini-mods are individual, concise, short learning segments that can be used to prepare learners for workshops, reinforce learning, provide refreshment of key concepts that the learner may have experienced months or a year ago, support coaching by managers, and be used as part of a complete online learning session.
  3. How do you keep people actively focused during the mini-module rather than multitasking, which presents a major barrier to real learning?

    To keep the learner engaged, Wilson Learning has designed the mini-mods to provide a constant stream of engaging learning activities. The mini-mods are short and visually stimulating, are focused on core learning, and support immediate application. Early reactions from sales people include “Very realistic!” and “Easier to learn than reading materials. I see the concepts in action.”
  4. What does the organization need to do differently when implementing your online mini-modules?

    We strongly recommend including key stakeholders in your implementation.
    • Executive involvement: This leads to alignment.
    • Sales Manager involvement: This leads to accountability and engages managers by involving them in the learning. It also enables them to be more effective in their coaching efforts.
    • Support Resources: This leads to a common language and alignment in supporting the sales process.
  5. Can these be used in a blended learning solution?

    Yes, the mini-mods are designed to complement classroom and virtual learning, either as pre-session preparation or post-session reinforcement. They can be used as a refresher for salespeople who have taken the program months or a year ago. They can also be used by salespeople who need specific reinforcement or further understanding of specific concepts and how those concepts are applied.
  6. How long are the mini-mods?

    Each mini-mod has been designed to take approximately eight to ten minutes to complete. Learners can spend as much time as they like in each mini-mod as they practice skills, and have the ability to move around to review. There are a total of 23 mini-mods in the program.
  7. How can I buy this?

    Download the PDF at the top of this page to find out.

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