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Facilitators and Coaches

Facilitation . . . Delivery with Our Professionals

The expertise of our facilitators is what brings our world-class content alive. Regardless of how classroom walls are constructed—with brick and mortar or virtually in the cloud—our skilled facilitators engage, motivate, and build participants' confidence to acquire and use new attitudes, skills, and knowledge. Not only do they know their subject matter inside-out, they possess the business acumen and industry knowledge to build trust and establish credibility.

Every Wilson Learning facilitator brings a proven track record of excellence to your learning initiative, combining rich business experience and superb facilitation skills with a deep understanding of how to connect concepts, constructs, and content with your employees' world.

Here is what you will hear from your learners . . .

"I've been through a lot of training programs, but I have never, ever, had a facilitator with the knowledge, expertise, and interpersonal skills that even come close to the level of skill that [she] possesses."
"One of the best presenters" . . . "The facilitator was engaging; kept the material interesting" . . . "Applied the activities to real-life sales situations" . . . "Very engaging, making it very easy to learn."

Certification . . . Delivery with Your Professionals

Would you like your own professionals to deliver your program or your leaders to be trainers? No problem! We have practical train-the-trainer tools, tested certification processes, and expert leader trainers who will make sure your people are prepared for success, starting with the first workshop they conduct.

Clients who wish to offer programs to a large and potentially dispersed employee base over time have found leader certification of their own employees to be highly effective from both a cost and learning perspective.

Our clients say . . .

" . . . [she was] truly an exceptional leader trainer and I strive to gain as much insight as well as knowledge from her . . . She truly wants us, as trainers and an organization, to succeed!"
"[He] has more knowledge of our company than most external facilitators and was able to tie things back to our company very well. He thoroughly knew his material."