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Fostering Innovation and Creativity

Innovation used to be the responsibility of the R&D function. Today, innovations necessary to gain and maintain market position and customer satisfaction are the responsibility of everyone. Innovation needs to be an ongoing effort and part of everyone's day-to-day thinking. It requires individuals, teams, and departments to have the tools and approach to create and implement innovations and improvements in processes and systems, as well as products and services.


Innovation In Action Series

The Innovation in Action Series is a series of modules that explores the dimensions of innovation — Innovation Styles, Innovation Tools & Practices, The Creative Journey®, Taking Initiative, and Strategic Innovation Management—to help organizations improve how they advance their market position. learn more

Leading for Growth™

Leading for Growth™ challenges managers to rethink their role as leaders, shifting their mindset from that of "heroic manager" to "growth leader." The program is structured on the core dimensions of growth leadership: building a collaborative culture, creating a shared vision, and adopting mutual influence. learn more