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What Can We Do To Make Training Stick?


Originally published on TrainingMag.com / Whats-New.

Training 2012 Conference & Expo speaker Carl Eidson answers the question, "What can we do to make training stick?"

I'm frequently asked this question by new contacts who are frustrated with a lack of behavior change from sales, leadership, or customer service training initiatives. I'd like to share the advice I give them, which is based on best practices from companies that get the optimal results from their learning transfer.

Three strategies to make training stick and increase performance:

  1. Have managers complete the same training as their direct reports (or at least get an executive overview of the skills being taught).
  2. Train managers in a specific approach to coaching that involves clarifying expectations, but at the same time listening carefully to input from their direct reports.
  3. Equip managers with a coaching tool that makes it easy to plan for and deliver an effective coaching conversation where the direct report is engaged and motivated to take action.

Research by one of my colleagues indicates that when this approach is taken, learning transfer is 42% higher than when managers are not involved in supporting learning.

What actions have you taken to make training stick? What role do you see managers taking when it comes to supporting new skills learned in training? What advice do you have for making it easy to get managers involved in coaching skills learned in training?

Carl Eidson

Carl Eidson

Carl Eidson博士,Wilson Learning业务发展和经销商网络的副总裁。他领导和辅导着一个由100多家独立分销商组成的虚拟团队,从多伦多延伸到布宜诺斯艾利斯。为了远程影响结果,他利用创新的通信技术和虚拟领导技能为销售能力发展、营销活动和以客户为中心的推广活动创建系统。他拥有工业和组织心理学博士学位,并在《应用心理学杂志》、《绩效表现》、《国际挑选与评估杂志》、《商业与心理学杂志》等学术期刊上发表过关于选拔顶尖人才的论文。他经常在专业会议上发表关于绩效改善的研究和实践的演讲。

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