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Strategic Consulting for HR and L&D – Delivering Exceptional Business Value

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Program Overview

This course is specifically designed to help L&D and HR business partners and managers understand the mindset that underpins true business partnership, the barriers that can prevent this happening effectively, and how to avoid or overcome these barriers in their own work to become recognised as key partners in the creation and execution of strategic business objectives.

This 2-day workshop is followed by a 3-month extended learning engagement that helps participants practice and apply the skills learned in the session to their real life workplaces.

Wilson Learning Certificate

Learners who successfully complete this course receive a Certificate of course completion upon attending the 2-day workshop.

Formal Wilson Learning certified Strategic Business Partner certificate for completing the course project at the end of the 3-month extended learning engagement.

What You’ll Learn

  1. How to apply a truly consultative partnership mindset to your business conversations.
  2. How to build effective, trust-based relationships with multiple stakeholders and earn the right to be a trusted advisor.
  3. How to uncover deeper interests behind stated positions, and link them to strategic business needs.
  4. How to effectively position and advocate business solutions that address multiple stakeholders’ business needs.
  5. How to ensure partner satisfaction on an ongoing basis and use this as the basis to earn and hold your seat at the strategic high table.

Who should attend?

Open to professionals in the field of Human Resources, Learning & Development and related fields. Individuals holding managerial or leadership positions in the above-mentioned fields may also apply.

Fee and Important dates

Programme Date: 22-23 February | Bangalore

Programme Fee: 29,000 INR + Taxes | Registration deadline: 16st February

For quick registration and bulk discounts
          call: +91 124 4075097

-Enrolments open only until seats last.
-Payment to be done through DD/PO/Online/Direct Account Transfer on or before specified dates.

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