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Wilson Learning invites you to an Exclusive Roundtable Dinner

"The best sales people do not sell; they enable customers to buy."

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Most organisations have a robust sales process. In an ever-changing marketplace this is not good enough to grow if not to secure their market share. So, what’s missing?

At Wilson Learning we believe that todays’ salesperson must be able to provide real value that addresses customers’ unique challenges better than the competition.

We invite you to an exclusive complimentary Dinner and Discussion session to discuss how to become a trusted advisor in a highly competitive marketplace and provide greater business-level value to customers and to your organisation.

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In this exclusive event, you will:

  • Explore the difference between sales process and sales methodology, and why both are critical
  • Recognise the elements needed to build the mindset of a trusted advisor
  • Gain insight into the key skills you need to uncover customers’ specific business challenges and create solutions they value
  • Understand steps you can take to help the customer recognise the benefit you bring and how to leverage your expertise to their advantage

Speaker and facilitator for the evening

David Yesford, Senior Vice President of Wilson Learning Worldwide, has more than 32 years of experience developing and implementing human performance improvement solutions around the world. David is the contributing author of several books, including Win-Win Selling, Versatile Selling, The Social Styles Handbook, and The Sales Training Book 2.

Event and Participation details

Date: Thursday 22nd February 2018

Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Venue: Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel
          27 O'Connell St,
          Sydney NSW 2000

For more details about the event
          call: +61 2 9232 4124
          email: ronskurnik@wilsonlearning.com.au

RSVP: February 10th 2018

*Please note this is an invite only event.
You can choose to nominate relevant people from your organisation.

Event itinerary


Welcome cocktail with canapes


Presentation, Earning the Status of Trusted Advisor