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  How to Maximise Employee Engagement in Your Organisation – The Leaders Role

Wilson Learning ‘Dinner and Discussion’

29th September 2016 | 6 p.m. | The Ritz Hotel, London

Many organisations are facing an employee “energy crisis”. Most leaders understand the importance of having employees who are energised and committed to the success of the organisation. The problem is many of those same leaders are not sure what to do to help employees make the choice to devote their full energy, to “plug in” to their job. Leaders and managers need to adopt the perspective that their role is to enable others to commit their full energy towards the creation of value and success.

Leaders must understand that they are in the energy business – human energy. Further, they need to understand what is most important to their employees when making the choice to apply or provide their energy or not. With this unique but informed view of the choice employees have, the leader can work to ensure they are providing the kind of environment that will encourage their employees to “plug in”.

This highly interactive session will introduce a model that describes what influences the choices employees make regarding committing their energy. We will provide 5 practical ways to help leaders create the environment where employees choose to plug in!

Download our article on this topic ‘Employee Engagement: The Leader's Role’

Do Your Leaders:

  • Understand what is important to their employees when choosing to give their energy or not?
  • Act as positive role models for the beliefs, practices, and behaviours you want all employees to exhibit?
  • Encourage all employees to understand and demonstrate the company’s values and coach to them?

During This Complimentary ‘Dinner and Discussion’ We Will:

  • Discuss a compelling model to help you understand you are in the energy business
  • Explore what is important to employees when choosing to give their energy or not
  • Assess your leaders skills in implementing the critical elements of a culture of engagement
  • Learn how we are helping companies similar to yours equip their leaders to be more proactive in leading with intent and building an engaged culture
  • Learn some practical strategies for equipping leaders to re-engage and re-charge their employees.

Who Should Attend?

Senior Business Executives looking to improve employee engagement within their organisation.

Join us for ‘Dinner and Discussion’ if;

  • Your leaders know they need to engage their employees but aren’t certain how
  • You are involved in developing your leaders or focused on building a culture that engages and energises
  • A high number of your employees are choosing to be ‘Inactive’ or ‘Reactive’ with their energy
  • You want to learn how to be a positive role model and encourage people to understand the beliefs, practices, customs, and behaviours you want shared by all members of your organisation
  • You need to help your leaders and equip them with practical strategies they can employ now.

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Event Details

Complimentary ‘Dinner and Discussion’

The Marie Antoinette Suite, The Ritz Hotel, London

29th September 2016

6:00pm: Champagne reception

6:30pm: Tom Roth, Chief Operating Officer of Wilson Learning and renowned public speaker, will be sharing key tools and advice on how to lead a highly-engaged workforce.

7:30pm: Round table discussions during three course dinner with like-minded professionals and Wilson Learning team of consultants

8:45pm: Discuss and share what we have learnt

9:30pm: Carriages

Contact Megan Lightfoot for more information:

01494 687 521

Our Speaker at the Event

Tom Roth, Chief Operating Officer of Wilson Learning Worldwide, is responsible for the strategic direction and business performance of Wilson Learning Worldwide operations. Tom is also responsible for leading the global marketing services and R&D solutions group, assisting the global executive leadership teams with issues related to employee engagement, leadership development, strategy alignment and business transformation. Prior to his current role, Tom served as President of Wilson Learning Americas.

Tom has more than 35 years of experience developing and implementing human performance improvement solutions. He is co-author of the book Creating the High-Performance Team and is published in numerous business publications. As a frequent speaker at national and international conferences and client events, Tom presents on a wide variety of issues, including leadership, employee and customer engagement, change and strategy implementation.

The Venue

The Marie Antoinette Suite, The Ritz Hotel, London

150 Piccadilly, London W1J 9BR (Directly opposite Green Park station)


The world’s greatest hotel provides the ultimate destination to enjoy the quintessential London experience.

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