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Our biggest asset is our employees. Employee engagement, retention and improving sales is usually high on the leadership team’s agenda. Every organisation needs these elements to demonstrate long term success.

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One of the most effective ways to make this a reality is to improve our ability to communicate more effectively with each other. This has a positive impact on morale, productivity and sales results.

During this interactive workshop, we will examine how Social Styles can help you swiftly build high trust relationships. You will get an insight into your own behavioural preferences and the impact this has on others, and most importantly, how personal versatility can secure rapport.

Session Objective and Method

What: Introduction into communication style preferences and behaviours. Begin to evaluate your personal preference and understand how this impacts on others. Appreciate the positive economic impact effective communication has on individuals and organisations.

Why: We can all be more effective and successful once we understand our behavioural style and the behavioural style of others.

How: Group discussion, sharing ideas, presentation. This will be a highly interactive session.

By attending this exclusive event you will;

  • Understand the key fundamentals of social styles, the importance of a 360° profile and the benefits/power of versatility
  • Link the importance of successful relating – discovery (fact finding) and the need to build rapport
  • Behavioral Styles & Versatility are skills that can be learnt, practiced and adopted, it’s not a ‘dark art’ requiring a magician’s touch!

Speaker and facilitator for the evening:

Sarah Farmer is a highly motivated, creative and engaging communicator. Her proven track record and experience has been gained across many industries including Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services and IT. She creates and delivers outstanding learning journeys for business professionals that change behaviours and improve results.

Sarah’s mantra, everything is possible! All we need is the belief that we are capable and our willingness to adapt and develop existing skills to become the best version of ourselves that we possibly can.

Event and Participation details


Tuesday 26th June 2018


6:00pm - 9:00pm


Hoxton Grill, London
81 Great Eastern Street

For more details about the event

Joydip Ghosh
Call: +44 (0) 1494 678 121

RSVP: 11th June 2018

*Please note this is an invite only event.
You can choose to nominate relevant people from your organisation.

Event itinerary


Registration & welcome drinks


Presentation: The Power & Impact of Personal Versatility


Dinner and discussion


Discuss what we have learnt and networking

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